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Michael Keith


State: Michigan

Snowmobile: Patriot Boost Indy VR1 137

Favorite Place to Ride: Baldwin, WI

Mike fell in love with snowmobiling at the age of 14 when his family relocated from Southern Indiana to west Michigan. Mike enjoys riding with family and friends. He lives for the ever- changing scenery and passion snowmobilers share. Mike typically rides 3,000 miles a season and has ridden almost all of Michigan’s trails. Mike is hoping to get back out to Pennsylvania and Northern Ontario for more riding adventures soon. Snowmobiling is Mike's way to social distance from the world and get away from life’s every day distractions.

Mike is a member of MISORVA, Michigan’s state snowmobiling association, and two local clubs where he helps maintain the trail system and operates a groomer when mother nature cooperates. Mike is a trail rider that likes covering a lot of distance and taking pictures of various sights so he can share his passion for snowmobiling with others. Many friendships have been made at continental breakfast talking snowmobiles and safety so we can all ride another day. Sharing his passion for Polaris snowmobiles and discussing future snowmobile adventures is always part of Mike's agenda. In the off- season Mike enjoys spending time with his family, dogs, camping, fishing and hunting.

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