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Cole Parker


State: Wisconsin

Snowmobile: Patriot 9R RMK Khaos 146

Favorite Place to Ride: UP Michigan

Growing up Cole was always amazed by any type of powersports racing/riding. At a young age, Cole's parents bought him his first snowmobile and dirt bike, and he has been hooked ever since! During his high school days, Cole was forced to back off from riding due to focusing on his wrestling and football career. This limited his riding to around the house and sticking to the trails. The coolest part about his school though, was they allowed them to ride their sleds to/from school in the winter, so he was able to tame the itch a little! When sports ended, and Cole decided not to continue wrestling in college, he couldn't live without some sort of competitive aspect. This is where he started with snocross. He was hooked from the start and actually did well until an injury put him out of racing for a couple years. He never got completely back into it, but still enjoys racing some national and regional races throughout the year. He loves the feeling of freedom you have on a sled and cannot stop pushing himself to improve his riding skills. If he's not hunting, fishing, snowboarding or doing any of his many other hobbies, he enjoys riding one of his sleds!

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