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Cal Taylor


State: Utah

Snowmobile: Patriot Boost Pro RMK 155

Favorite Place to Ride: Northern Utah

Cal loves the outdoors and when he got introduced to snowmobiling he was instantly hooked. Not only was it because of the endless opportunities to get face shots filled with fluffy snow, but also because of the lifelong friendships the snowmobile community has brought into his life. Cal took a riding coordinator position with the Davis County Snowmobile Club and has been involved ever since. Now as the President of the Utah Snowmobile Association, he is helping many to get involved in local clubs across Utah. Cal is also a member of the Weber County Search & Rescue Team. He has also earned the nickname #dontfollowCal because of a mishap of leading a crew into a deep canyon and having to spend the night under the stars in the snow. Thankfully they self-rescued because of the skills of the group and having the proper gear.