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Brandon Herzig


State: Minnesota

Snowmobile: 850 Indy XCR 136

Favorite Place to Ride: Northern Wisconsin

Brandon fell in love with snowmobiles at the young age of 6. A close family friend had just purchased a new XLT special, and the style and colors on that sled sucked Brandon right in and it wasn't long before he wanted one of his own. Brandon got his own sled, '91 INDY 500, and he would ride around his parent’s house every night until it ran out of gas. As he grew older, like anyone else, he always wanted a newer and better sled. And nothing has changed as far as that goes! To this day, Brandon still rides Polaris and bleeds midnight blue. He currently has about a dozen Polaris Snowmobiles in his fleet including that very first '91 INDY 500. Showing those sleds at local and national levels is one of his favorite passions. Another passion is enjoying the awesome sport of snowmobiling with his beautiful wife Jessica. He feels there is nothing better than doing what you love with the ones you love! Polaris isn't just a snowmobile for him, it's a way of life. It's what gets Brandon through those long work days; waiting for that chance to squeeze the throttle on the tightest nastiest trail one can find and hammer through it. He is a member of the Wells Creek Riders Snowmobile Club, for over 10 years now, and has held many positions within the club. When Brandon is not around snowmobiles, you can find him at the fire hall. He is a 13+ year veteran and Captain on the Lake City Fire Department.

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