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Austin Reitsma


State: Wyoming

Snowmobile: 2019 Polaris Pro RMK 850 155 Turbo

Favorite Place to Ride: Snowy Range 30 Miles West of Laramie Wyoming

Austin started Snowmobiling in 1996 and hasn’t stopped since his first day on the mountain. After years of wanting to turn his passion into a lifestyle he became a snowmobile guide for the Albany Lodge in southeast Wyoming. Fast forward seven seasons later and he is more passionate about the sport than ever. Austin is at home in the mountains where he can push his limits as a rider and explore terrain. He has found a home in the snowmobiling world and is incredibly grateful for his snowmobile family. Above all he is thankful for all the companies who make the sport what it is today and their passion for building the parts, gear, and machines that make it all possible.