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Snowmobile Seasonal Maintenance: Preparing Your Snowmobile for Summer Storage

Lorsque les températures chutent et que les arbres commencent à changer de couleur, il est temps de se préparer pour la saison de la motoneige. Que vous ayez entreposé votre motoneige pour l’été au printemps ou non, votre motoneige aura besoin d’attention avant qu’elle soit sécuritaire sur les sentiers cet hiver.

Vous trouverez ci-dessous les étapes d’entretien de la motoneige que nous recommandons pour préparer votre motoneige pour la saison de conduite.

1. Prep Your Storage Space

You'll need the right gear to protect your sled while it's in storage. To begin with, covers will minimize moisture and keep elements at bay. This may also be the best time to look at trailering gear to simplify transporting your snowmobile into and out of storage.
Finally, You'll need a way to get your sled off the ground to avoid track corrosion and minimize shock tension. Check out Polaris Dolly products, which make moving your snowmobile a breeze.

2. Add Fuel Stabilizer & Fog Your Engine

Ethanol fuel attracts moisture which can cause corrosion. Even fuel without ethanol can cause problems. Bottom line? If you let your gas tank sit all summer long filled with ethanol fuel and no stabilizer, you'll damage your engine. Pick up some Carbon Clean fuel stabilizer to prevent corrosion and keep your motor clean in the off-season. I addition, you'll want to fog your engine, which requires accessing your carbs or throttle bodies.

3. Remove & Store Your Battery

Removing your battery to keep it at a full charge and away from potentially corrosive debris can extend its life significantly. Choose a cool, dry location with an outlet nearby so you can attach your battery to a battery charger.

4. Remove Your Drive Belt

Your driven clutch belt works hard all winter long. You'll want to remove your belt to inspect it and to release tension, which can help keep it working hard next winter too. Store your drive belt in a cool, dry location you won't forget about.
Pro Tip: It's always a good idea to keep a spare belt on hand.

5. Inspect & Loosen Your Track

Tension on your snowmobile track and regular riding will wear it down over time. You'll want to inspect your track for wear at the end of the season, and reduce tension to give it a much needed rest for a few months.

6. Fix Broken Parts & Upgrade Your Accessories

Get ahead of next season by tuning up your sled, or adding an accessory you've had your eye on. There's no better time for maintenance and upgrades than when your snowmobile is already propped up and out of use for a few months.

7. Clean & Lubricate Your Snowmobile

Moisture, salt, dirt, and other debris can all find a way to corrode your snowmobile's most essential parts. While buffing up your sled looks cool, it's also a crucial step to ensure your machine's longevity. Every casing, bearing, chain and part deserves a solid clean and lubrication. Pick up some all-purpose cleaner, all-season grease, chaincase lubricant and go to town.