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Pro-Ride and AXYS Handguard Installation

The following video demonstrates how to add handguards and mounts to your Polaris snowmobile. 

Note: The video depicts installation on an 850 XCR snowmobile.

Handguards are available in black (part number 2879192), white (part number 2879194) and red (part number 2879193). These handguards fit mountain and trail sleds. For a full list of compatible vehicles, scroll to the "Designed to Fit" section of the product page. 

Note: Installation of handguards requires installation of handguard mounts (part number 2881241-458), which are sold separately. For more information, view the installation instructions.

The video includes proper orientation (0:41), installing the bracket onto the handguard (1:09) and installing the mounts onto the snowmobile (2:29).

Required Tools and Supplies
Safety GlassesMeasuring Tool
Side-Cutting Pliers4mm Allen Wrench

Handguard Mounts
(part number 2881241-458)

Zip Ties

    Always wear safety glasses while servicing your Polaris vehicle. Note that handguard mounts are required and sold separately (part number 2881241-458). 

    1. Before installing the handguards, determine which is the left and right handguard. The graphic on the handguard should be legible once mounted on the machine. The mounting bracket should be oriented with the clamping surface facing downward with the pin on the bracket facing the outside of the machine. 

    2. Install the bracket onto the handguard. Place the pin on the bracket in the second mounting hole (the furthest away from the handlebars). Verify that the bracket is able to pivot within the handguard. Repeat this process on the other side. 

    3. Assemble the handguard: 

    • Install the star washer on the 4mm Allen fastener.
    • Insert the Allen fastener into the open hole in the handguard.
    • Thread the locking plate onto the end of the Allen fastener. 
    • Tighten the Allen fastener with a 4mm Allen wrench. 
    • Torque the fastener to 4 ft-lbs (5.4 Nm).

    Repeat these steps on the other side. 

    4. Install the handguard mounts onto the snowmobile. Lay the mount into your desired position on the handlebar. Note: This may require moving the hand controls up or down. 

    5. Using the provided cap and Allen screws, loosely install the fasteners on the mount. 

    6. With the fasteners loosely installed, make any final tweaks to the position of the handguard. Note: On the left-hand side, ensure that you can still access the parking brake. 

    7. Once the handguard is in the optimal position, finish tightening the fasteners and torque to specification. 

    8. Zip tie the handlebar cables, if not already tied. 

    9. Repeat steps 4 through 8 on the other side. 

    10. Once both handguards have been installed, ensure the handguards are evenly spaced and tilted on either side. 

    11. Verify that you have not pinched any wiring or cabling during the installation process. Turn the handlebars to the left and right, ensuring that nothing is pinching or binding when you turn the bars. 

    For more information, see your authorized Polaris Dealer. Find a dealer near you through the Dealer Locator.
    Maintenance tips, procedures and specifications can be found in your Owner's Manual.
    To find diagrams and replacement part numbers, use the online parts catalog.

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