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RMK Khaos Slash

The World's Best All-Mountain Snowmobile

Starting at $16,999 CA

Discover RMK Khaos Slash

The Factory Mod - Ultimate Lift & Control

The RMK Khaos Design

The RMK Khaos delivers industry leading fun factor in any terrain. Playful suspension and a wild child attitude make the Khaos the most dynamic deep snow ride.

Ultimate Lift

The Matryx Slash features a lightweight, tapered tunnel delivering unrivaled traction and lift in all conditions. The tapered tunnel stays out of the snow, allowing the sled to pop up out of the snow and maintain momentum.

Ultimate Control

The slashed and tapered tunnel features drastically improved snow clearance, minimizing drag and maximizing control on the most insane slopes. A new centralized, lightweight cooling system, bonded carbonfibre and aluminum-forged components significantly cut the real-world weight of the sled, maintaining the highest level of flickability and delivering class-leading power to weight ratio.

Ultimate Power

The industry leading power of the Patriot Boost and the unrivaled lightweight response of the Patriot 9R power the Pro-RMK Slash to new heights in deep and technical terrain.

Power for Any Terrain

The Polaris family of engines delivers a wide range of options across each sled family so that you can feel confident control wherever and whenever you ride.

850 Patriot

The 850 Patriot engine was designed from the ground up as the benchmark in performance for class-leading durability, responsiveness, and unrivaled acceleration.

Patriot 9R

The latest factory mod engine - a 900cc Patriot delivering lightning fast response and lightweight power. Attack the technical terrain with power and response, with a new level of effortless control with the lowest inertia engine in the lineup.

Patriot Boost

The Turbocharged Heart of the Factory Mod. From the very first sketch, the Patriot 850 was designed for the Patriot Boost turbocharger system. Class-leading durability is a hallmark of the Patriot 850, with the Patriot Boost taking it to the next level.

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