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A Safer Ride is a Great Ride

Whether you are riding on trails or mountains, two skis, or one, it's important to prepare yourself for the safest ride for you and your snow crew.

Stay Safer on the Snow

Safety on any terrain is an element to riding where you can always learn, advance and pass along that knowledge to your snow riding club, family, and beyond.

Dan Adams, Polaris partner

Meet Dan Adams

Owner of NXT LVL Riding Clinics and long-time Polaris partner. Dan is a steward for snowmobiling and educates riders of all levels on having a safer, fun ride. Check out our interview with him to learn more.

New to riding? Simply need a refresher?

Our Snow Rider 101 shares some basics for before, during, and after your ride.

Industry Resources

Like other powersports and outdoor recreation activities, snowmobiling and snow biking have many groups and organizations dedicated to safe riding. These groups provide training, tips, and more. Here are a few for you to know.

Snowmobile Safety Video

Spend five minutes learning more about snowmobiling safety with this video from our friends at Polaris Adventures.

Owner's Manuals

Your owner's manual is an excellent safety and maintenance guide. They guide on vehicle warnings, protective gear, and operating procedures.

Service Videos

Maintaining your machine is an element of safety. Check out our service videos to learn more about keeping your machine running on snow.


Our YouTube Channels are great resources for all sorts of videos. Content ranges from safety to service to fun on snow, take a closer look at both the Polaris Snowmobiles and Timbersled channels below.

Outside Responsibility

Being a safer rider also means being a good steward of where you ride. Learn more about how you can make an impact by leaving less impact.

Need Help?

Check out our Self Help section for articles, videos, tips, and more.

Polaris Podcast

Brought to you by the Polaris Help Center, the Polaris Podcast is here to make owning a Polaris Off-Road Vehicle even easier. If you're not an expert, it's okay. Tune in monthly as our experts explain a variety of topics, from how your transmission works to how to store your ORV during the offseason.