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Polaris Offers More Legendary Performance from Greatly Expanded 2014 Lineup

The new generation of Polaris INDY models with their legendary performance has proven so popular that the INDY lineup has been expanded significantly for 2014 with the introduction of several new INDY models. There is now an INDY model for virtually every type of rider.


  • The new 800 INDY SP offers trail enthusiasts the opportunity to tap into the impressive power of the 800 Liberty® engine with Cleanfire® injection.
  • The new 550 INDY Voyager 144 and new 600 INDY Voyager 144 are light utility models that can haul cargo and help a rider tackle jobs off-trail. These smooth-riding sleds are also well-suited for trail riding.
  • The new 550 INDY Adventure 144 is an ultra-versatile model ready for all types of riding. It has an innovative cargo system and a new Lock & Ride®Convertible Passenger Seat that makes it easy to convert this into a 2-up machine.
  • The new 550 INDY LXT 144 is a touring model that provides one or two riders with a comfortable, exciting trail riding experience.
  • The new 550 INDY 144 is another versatile model that is effective on- or off-trail.
  • The new 550 INDY is a smooth-riding, easy-handing model powered by the Polaris 550 fan-cooled twin.


These seven new models join the original INDY models, the 600 INDY SP and 600 INDY, both of which return for 2014 with ride-enhancing improvements. The INDY family also includes the 120 INDY, a Youth model that gets riders started right.



The two new INDY Voyager models are versatile and well-suited for work with their large, durable rear cargo rack. They are extremely capable off-trail sleds with their 144" tracks, high-flotation Gripper skis and narrow, adjustable RMK® front suspension. These new models also provide a smooth, comfortable ride, so they’re right at home on the trails.


The 550 INDY® Voyager 144 and 600 INDY Voyager 144 have a convenient built-in cargo rack large enough to accommodate a 5-gallon pail. These sleds ride on the PRO-RIDE Chassis and have RydeFX® Shocks for a smooth ride and easy handling. Both models have electric start, a comfortable new seat, and a protective tall windshield.


The 550 INDY Voyager 144 is powered by the Polaris® fan-cooled twin, while the 600 INDY Voyager 144 has a powerful Liberty® 600 engine with Cleanfire® injection.


All INDY models powered by the 550 engine use the new CVTech Powerbloc 50 drive clutch paired with the Invance driven clutch. This clutching delivers smooth engagement, enhanced low-speed drivability and quieter operation. These durable clutches have a maintenance-free design and are easy to tune while installed on the sled.



The 550 INDY Adventure 144 is the snow-going jack of all trades. Its impressive versatility is optimized by its innovative cargo system and new passenger seat option.


The Adventure Cargo System features an Aluminum Rack that holds cargo and provides the mounting points for the Lock & Ride® Saddlebags, which can be installed (or removed) in seconds – without tools. The saddlebags lock securely onto the rack and offer convenient, protected storage.


The INDY Adventure can be converted into a 2-up machine quickly and easily with the installation of the new Lock & Ride® Convertible Passenger Seat. This seat installs on the cargo rack – no tools required – and comfortably accommodates a passenger of up to 120 pounds (54.4 kg).


The 550-powered sled is built on the PRO-RIDE Chassis and has PRO-RIDE Independent Front Suspension (IFS) and smooth-riding Coil-Over Rear Suspension with RydeFX® MPV shocks. The INDY Adventure has comfort and convenience features such as electric start, mirrors, a protective tall windshield with side wind deflectors and more.



The new 550 INDY LXT 144 is an outstanding touring model with several comfort features, the reliable 550 engine and a 144" track that stretches over the bumps. This new sled rides on the strong, lightweight PRO-RIDE Chassis with PRO-RIDE IFS and INDY® 144 Rear Suspension. This all-new model is nearly 80 pounds lighter than the IQ-chassis model it replaces and delivers improved performance and an enhanced fun factor.


Along with its smooth ride, the new INDY LXT provides a passenger with a fixed backrest and passenger hand grips. The tall windshield provides excellent wind protection, and the INDY LXT also has a rear cargo rack, electric start and hood-mounted mirrors.



The new 800 INDY SP joins the 600 INDY SP and 600 INDY to give riders an expanded choice of outstanding trail sleds. All three models are built on the proven, innovative PRO-RIDE Chassis, and the INDY SP models feature FOX® Shox in the PRO-RIDE IFS and INDY 121 Rear Suspension. The INDY SP ride and handling are further enhanced by PRO-STEER skis and a HackSaw track with 1" lugs.


The 800 INDY SP has a powerful 800 Cleanfire® engine while the 600 INDY SP and 600 INDY feature the class-leading acceleration of the 600 Cleanfire® twin.



Two new models powered by the impressive Polaris® 550 fan-cooled twin – the 550 INDY and 550 INDY 144 – provide sporty INDY performance and outstanding value. Their PRO-RIDE IFS and INDY Rear Suspension are equipped with RydeFX® MPV shocks, and have PRO-STEER skis. The 550 INDY has a Shockwave track while the 550 INDY 144 delivers enhanced off-trail flotation with its Cobra track with 1.35" lugs.


Both models have PERC® Reverse and an all-new, more comfortable seat. Like all INDY models powered by the 550 engine, these new models use the new CVTech Powerbloc 50 drive clutch paired with the Invance driven clutch. This clutching delivers smooth engagement, enhanced low-speed drivability and quieter operation. These durable clutches have a maintenance-free design and are easy to tune while installed on the sled.


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