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Pro XD Full-Size Gas vs. Top Competitors


The Polaris Pro XD is a commercial utility task vehicle (UTV) built for durability, serviceability and safety on the jobsite. Download the comparison chart below for an in-depth understanding of individual specifications to show how the Polaris Pro XD stacks up to the competition.



Comparison Summary

Safety Features - The Polaris Pro XD is engineered to provide more industry-leading safety and worksite features than the competition by making orange seat belts and decals, backup alarm and horn, and speed limiting options for job site compliance standard.


Durability - Pro XD has industry leading box cargo capacity, towing capacity, and payload capacity, meaning it can haul and tow more than the competition. A heavy-duty driveline and 8-ply reinforced tires provide additional durability and longevity between service and parts replacement.


Serviceability - To overcome rising competition in maintenance intervals, Pro XD was engineered with strategically placed, easily accessible oil dipstick, air filter and air intake to allow for fast and easy daily maintenance checks.



“We needed a vehicle that could haul cargo trailers containing heavy equipment and could count on for any task. The Polaris Pro XD has lived up to that expectation.”
CJ Davis – Hazardous Materials and Training Officer, Hamilton County Office of Emergency Management


All information has been obtained from publicly-available and reputable sources, including manufacturer websites and product manuals.