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Building the Pro XD

Polaris Commercial utilizes the manufacturing and engineering capabilities of Polaris Inc. to deliver our Pro XD vehicles with the unmatched safety features, unrivaled durability, and enhanced serviceability our commercial customers expect and deserve.

Huntsville, AL and Monterrey, MX

Manufactured in Huntsville, Alabama as well as Monterrey, Mexico, the Pro XD delivers needed value to our hard-working customers in the rental, construction, commercial and government sectors.


From receiving raw materials to assembling the final nuts and bolts, Polaris Commercial vehicles are Built to Work for the task at-hand.

Delivery of Raw Materials

Production of the Pro XD begins with the delivery of steel tubing directly to our manufacturing faclilies.

Tube Fabrication

Processed through tube fabrication, the tubing goes through operations including cutting, bending, milling and/or forming to meet specific parts to be used in the final Pro XD unit.


Using a combination of robotic as well as manual welding, our weld shop takes the tubes and fabricates them into the various components of the Pro XD including the chassis and suspension.

Metal Paint

Our metal components parts go through our paint shop where each part will get an e-coat application for corrosion resistance plus powder coating for UV protection and durability.

Moulure par injection

Notre service de moulage par injection moule la plupart des pièces en plastique utilisées sur nos véhicules, en particulier les pièces les plus grandes, notamment le plastique de la boîte de chargement et du capot.

Final Assembly

All the pieces of the Pro XD come together during final assembly where the vehicle is sequentially built from the chassis up to a final vehicle.


Polaris sets the bar high when it comes to manufacturing the Pro XD.




From initial research and development, all the way to final assembly, our manufacturing processees include mutiple quality checkpoints and inspections.




Our skilled workers utilize automated innovations throughout the build of each Pro XD including robotic weld cells, DC torque tools, and Automatically Guided Carts (AGCs).




A variety of our accessories are factory-installed including: roofs, windshields, rear panels, doors, rearview mirrors, filter gauge, speed limiting and electric bed lift. You can also order EPS and heater kits if they are not included in the base model.


See below to learn more about how Polaris's commitment to corporate and social responsibility, as well as available opportunities to join the Polaris family.