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Our Brands: Taylor-Dunn

Taylor-Dunn is the leading provider of commercial and industrial vehicle solutions with a broad portfolio of electric, LPG and gas-powered personnel, burden and tow vehicles that are used in industry and commerce across the United States and throughout theworld. 

Started in 1949 as the "Taylor Shop," it was renamed Taylor-Dunn Manufacturing Company in 1951 when R.D. Taylor's son-in-law Fred Dunn joined the business. Taylor-Dunn was acquired by Polaris in 2016 and continues to grow, with more than 280 dealerships across the globe. 

Taylor-Dunn's lineup includes a diverse range of vehicles geared toward Manufacturing and Warehousing, Colleges and Universities, Convention Centers, Aviation, Government, and Tourism and Corporate Campuses.

Taylor-Dunn vehicle

Visit the Taylor-Dunn website to find more information, Operator's and Service ManualsFAQs and the Dealer Locator.

If you are in need of assistance, call 844-239-3627 or contact your local dealer.