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Employee Spotlight Megan S.

The People Behind POLARIS: Employee Spotlight – August 2022 Megan S.

As the leader in the powersports industry, Polaris prioritizes safety in all that we do. In fact, it is one of our guiding principles. August is Motorsports Awareness Month, and we always use this month to promote the safe use of Polaris vehicles for all riders, including our customers and employees.


We had the opportunity to chat with Megan S., Rider Safety specialist, who is responsible for the rider safety program at Polaris.


Meet Megan!


Tell us a little bit about your role as a rider safety specialist at Polaris.


I support the enterprise-wide rider safety program through global compliance of the rider safety policy, fostering a ‘Safety Always’ ride culture and focusing on risk reduction initiatives in pursuit of best-in-class safety performance. Since program adoption, there has been a razor-sharp focus on the expansion of our training portfolio to include more product-specific vehicle training as well as resources that facilitate safe riding behaviors and best practices. I have the unique opportunity to partner with employees across the organization to tap into their passions, not only for riding but also their love for sharing knowledge about safe vehicle operation with others. We have built an incredibly strong team of employee volunteers who have become licensed trainers in support of the high demand for safety training. Polaris partners with leaders who are setting the example and driving accountability - one day and one ride at a time. As a Polaris family – it is within our culture to prioritize everyone’s safety and well-being. 


August is Motorsports Awareness Month; can you touch on why safety plays such a critical role in riding?


Safety isn’t a task that ends when the box is “checked.”  It is a commitment to continuous learning, whether that be new skills or sharpening the ones we already have. It involves speaking up when we see unsafe behaviors or when we see an opportunity to educate others about the importance of safe practices. Safety is critical in riding so that we don’t experience a negative life change due to an incident that could have otherwise been prevented.


Polaris is proud to help raise awareness by sharing safety practices that help keep people safe while riding our products. What is your favorite Rider Safety tip?


It is important to bond with your vehicle – feel it, hear it, smell it, see it.  As you become more in tune with your vehicle, you will be able to drive the vehicle instead of it driving you – in other words, drive within your ability). One of the most fundamental yet critical skillsets to have is brake and throttle control – with a full understanding of how to maintain the best traction, always.


Do you have a favorite way to THINK OUTSIDE?


There is truly nothing better than riding an off-road vehicle in a group setting and in an area that has a wide variety of terrain. I love to be able to rip down a straight-line trail, then navigate back into the woods between trees and over logs and then across a bedrock creek with the sound of the stream. Powersports is an incredible way to enjoy the outdoors and build connections with others by getting away from the day-to-day scene.