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Become a Dealer

*** Receipt of this form does not constitute an offer of Dealership by Polaris Sales Inc.

*** Incomplete forms will not be considered, please be as thorough as possible.

Contact Information

Dealer Inquiry Questions

1. What City and State/Province are you inquiring about (include postal code)?

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* 4. Which Polaris products are you interested in?

5. What products do you currently sell? (please be specific with brands and annual quantities)

6. Facilitiy Information

* Facility Status
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Business Information

It is Polaris experience that starting a new Polaris dealership requires a minimum financial investment of 250,000 (US dollars) unencumbered capital.

In addition, a minimum of a 500,000 (US dollars) flooring account and / or a line of credit with an approved financial institution is required.

* 7. Do you currently utilize a computer based Business/Inventory Management System?
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* 12. Are you willing to purchase an existing dealership?
* 13. Are you willing to consider another market?
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