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2020 Timbersled Line-up

Timbersled Continues to Revolutionize the Snow Bike Industry with the all-new 2020 Timbersled® Lineup

MINNEAPOLIS (March 6, 2019) – Since 2011, Timbersled® has been revolutionizing the snow bike industry. The new model year 2020 Timbersled systems demonstrate industry leadership with the introduction of the new 2020 Timbersled RIOT, the industry’s first 3” track through the introduction of Timbersled ARO™ 3, and performance-enhancing improvements on the Timbersled ARO 129 and 137.


The new 2020 Timbersled RIOT and ARO 3 represent the commitment to innovation and relentless pursuit of the ultimate riding experience. With a lineup that provides solutions for all riders in all conditions and the most comprehensive dealer network in North America, Timbersled continues to lead the way in this rapidly growing sport.


Timbersled RIOT:  A Riot In All Snow Conditions


Have a RIOT anywhere you go

The new Timbersled RIOT combines proven Timbersled ARO technology with a RIOT specific patent-pending rear suspension to create the ultimate dirt bike experience in all snow conditions. RIOT was born to wheelie, climb or make a split-second line change. It’s a RIOT wherever your ride takes you.


The RIOT has a single-arm rear suspension, dual shocks, and lightweight new suspension rails. The RIOT’s suspension is precision-tuned specifically for dirt bike like handling characteristics.


Up front, the RIOT has the proven, durable Timbersled Spindle, designed for the easiest bolt-on installation with no drilling. The Timbersled RIOT Traverse Ski has a new Deuce Bar center skag to eliminate drag and provide confidence-inspiring control.


There are two Timbersled RIOT models available for 2020, the Timbersled RIOT and Timbersled RIOT LE, which has FOX® ZERO QS3 shocks. These adjustable shocks are tuned to maximize the RIOT’s wheelie and ski pressure control and optimize its nimble handling characteristics.


The new Timbersled RIOT follows the same quick and easy ARO installation process. All ARO Install Kits and components are compatible with the new Timbersled RIOT.


Timbersled® AROTM 3: Deep Powder Dominance

Climb the highest mountains in the deepest snow with the industry’s first 3” track. The NEW Timbersled ARO 3 provides ultimate performance in deep snow while maintaining ARO’s precise handling and performance.


The new Timbersled 3” Traverse Track provides deep snow performance with increased floatation and traction. The paddles have 25 percent more traction surface than the 129 x 11.5 x 2.5 Traverse Track. Each paddle location, shape and stiffness are based on deep snow dominance and side hill precision. It also features stiffer outer edge towers for side hilling and firm snow bite.


The Timbersled ARO 3 track belt is also a port-less design, which means there is more track belt surface area, giving it more flotation and lift on those bottomless days.


To handle Timbersled ARO 3’s traction and to lessen rolling resistance, the new ARO 3 features all-new efficient anti-ratchet drivers. These all new drivers are designed to match the increased traction of the new 3” paddles to deliver maximum power to the snow.


The Timbersled ARO rear suspension geometry has been upgraded for 2020 with an optimized approach angle for an increased lift in deep snow and a lighter ski feel.


The Timbersled ARO 3 is available in Titanium Silver with premium FOX ZERO QS3 shocks for 2020. The QS3 shocks come standard for optimal performance.


2020 Timbersled® ARO Updates

The Timbersled commitment to innovation and delivering the best riding experience have led to several improvements across the 2020 model line. These updates enhance overall performance while maintaining Timbersled’s industry-leading durability.


New for 2020 is a reduced approach angle that produces lighter steering, easier carving, and improved lift. This new backcountry geometry improves the snow bike’s overall capability to deliver improved performance.


There are new lightweight driveline sprockets that create less rotating mass and more efficient performance, the result is more power delivered to the track without compromising durability.


The new molded brake cover has a sleek design, minimizes snow build-up and it is speed sensor ready, an industry exclusive, that allows the rider to easily add a gauge to track speed and mileage.


2020 Timbersled® Models

The 2020 Timbersled lineup includes a model for all terrains and every rider, from emerging riders to racers and backcountry explorers.


Timbersled® RIOT120 & 120 LE: A RIOT in all snow conditions, the most dirt bike-like experience on snow.


Timbersled® ARO 120 SX: Race-ready and Timbersled Tough. It’s built to withstand the rigors of racing and of backcountry riding.


Timbersled® ARO 129 & 129 LE: Unmatched handling, proven performance.


Timbersled® ARO 3: Deep powder dominance with the industry’s first and only 3” track.


Timbersled® ARO 137 LE: Delivers the ultimate deep snow floatation. Its long, high-flotation track lets riders ride in the deepest snow and make the steepest climbs.


Timbersled® Ripper: Everyone can enjoy the family fun of riding with this kit designed for installation on your favorite 110cc bike.


À propos de Polaris

Polaris Industries Inc. (NYSE : PII) est un chef de file mondial de l’industrie des sports motorisés qui nourrit la passion des conducteurs, des travailleurs et des passionnés de plein air depuis plus de 60 ans. Avec des ventes annuelles de 5,4 milliards dollars en 2017, la gamme de produits novateurs de haute qualité de Polaris comprend les véhicules tout-terrain côte à côte RANGER®, RZR® et Polaris GENERAL®; les véhicules tout-terrain Sportsman® et Polaris ACE®; les motos Indian Motorcycle® de taille moyenne et lourdes; les moto-roadsters Slingshot®; et les motoneiges Polaris RMK®, INDY®, Switchback® et RUSH®. Polaris rehausse l’expérience de conduite grâce à des pièces, des vêtements et des accessoires, ainsi qu’à une gamme de produits destinée au marché secondaire en forte croissance, y compris des produits Transamerican Auto Parts. La présence de Polaris dans les marchés adjacents mondiaux comprend des véhicules tout-terrain militaires et utilitaires, des quadricycles et des véhicules électriques. Basée avec fierté au Minnesota, Polaris dessert plus de 100 pays à travers le monde. Visitez pour de plus amples informations.


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