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Tosha Davis

Tosha Davis, the founder of Slingshot owners group, Calislingers, has been fascinated by powersports ever since her brother brought home his first bike. Although she couldn’t ride just yet, she knew she had to learn asap! In 2012 she began riding her own motorcycle but quickly moved to the 3 wheeled scene stealer, Polaris Slingshot and after a few years of mastering the road founded Calislingers in 2015.


For the first 2 years of Calislingers, Tosha was the only female rider in her crew of 3. Now, Calislingers is 90 strong and counting. This group goes far beyond riding – they host tech days for those who need maintenance on their vehicles, teach riders how to perform oil changes, hook up lights and install other custom accessories.


Tosha hopes to inform others of how diverse the powersport community really is. In particular, Tosha wants the world of powersports to know the stories of the women influencing the on road scene.