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Tavo Vildosola

Gustavo Vildosola Jr. “Tavo” grew up in Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico, and has been in off-road racing since 1968. Gustavo Vildósola Perez Tejada better known as Tavo Vildósola is a Mexican off-road racer and entrepreneur. And, Tavo is an official Red Bull athlete. His #21 SCORE Trophy Truck is sponsored by Red Bull, Mastercraft Safety and Mexicana Logistics. Tavo won the overall in the 43rd edition of the Tecate Score Baja 1000 making him, alongside his father Gus Vildósola, the inaugural Mexican national to win the Baja 100. Since 1973, a 4-wheel vehicle has not won the overall time over the motorcycles. Go Tavo!