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2024 Pro XD Full-Size Diesel Orientation

This video is meant to familiarize the rider with the location of information and components on a Pro XD Full-Size Diesel.

This video looks at the:

  • 0:30 Front of the vehicle (grille, which can be removed by releasing the two tabs, vehicle hood, which can be opened by turning the two quarter turn latches and sliding the hood forward).
  • 0:42 Underneath the hood (radiator cap, windshield reservoir, if equipped, pulse bar, engine and PVT intake, coolant overflow bottle, horn, windshield nozzle and wiper, if equipped).
  • 1:06 Front suspension (shock assembly, tie rod, CV joints and axle, A-arm, ball joints).
  • 1:24 Brake fluid reservoir, which can be viewed through the left front wheel well.
  • 1:29 Doors, if equipped.
  • 1:34 Driver's seat area (HVAC vents, if equipped, cup holder, light switch, Instrument Cluster with mode and navigation buttons, steering wheel tilt lever, ignition switch).
  • 2:00 Center area of the interior (rearview mirror, if equipped, HVAC vents, if equipped, storage, cup holders, shifter, park brake, horn, all wheel drive switch, windshield wiper control, if equipped, HVAC controls, if equipped, 12V outlet).
  • 2:48 Right side of the dash (glove box, cup holder).
  • 2:53 Lower storage area (HVAC vents, cup holders).
  • 3:00 Space beneath the bench seat (access to the battery, fuse box, fuel filter, water separator).
  • 3:18 Driver's side (fuel cap, use only the recommended diesel fuel).
  • 3:26 Rear driver's side wheel well (air filter, clutch cover).
  • 3:34 Rear suspension (shock assembly, suspension adjustment, upper and lower A-arms, sway bar link and sway bar, CV joints and axle, grease zerk on the sway bar mount).
  • 3:58 Additional grease zerk, which can also be found on the prop shaft under the clutch cover. 
  • 4:04 Cargo box tilt latches, which are on both sides of the vehicle.
  • 4:09 Space beneath the tilted cargo box (oil cap, dipstick, oil filter).
  • 4:20 Tailgate, which can be lowered by pulling up on the latch.
  • 4:25 Rear of the vehicle (trailer hitch).
  • 4:30 Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) label locations.

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Maintenance tips, procedures and specifications can be found in your Owner's Manual.

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