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Safety Recall - ATV Multiple Models - Revised and Expanded ECM Fire Hazard Bulletin

Dear Polaris ATV Owner:


Polaris Industries of Medina, Minnesota is revising and expanding prior Safety Bulletins ATV-05-01, ATV-05-01R, ATV-05-01T, ATV- 05-01L, and ATV-05-1C under a newly issued Bulletin ATV-08-01. The Bulletin/recall affects select Model Year 2004.5, 2005 and 2006 Sportsman 500s, 2005 Model Year Scrambler ATVs, Model Year 2005 Sportsman 400s, Model Year 2005 and 2006 Scrambler 500 4x4s, 2006 Sportsman 450s, 2005 Sportsman 600s, 2005 and 2006 Sportsman 6x6s, Carbureted 2005 and 2006 Sportsman 700s, and Carbureted 2005 Sportsman MVs.


Our records indicate that you are the current registered owner of an affected unit which needs to be repaired by a Polaris dealership. It is important that you contact your dealer to make arrangements to get this repair completed immediately.


Polaris determined your ATV was assembled with a possibly defective Electronic Control Module (ECM). Polaris has determined the recall defect could cause the ECM to fail and overheat. If this were to occur, excessive heat could cause a fire, possibly resulting in severe injury or death. Consumers receiving this notice may have already been notified about this recall and may have already taken their ATV to an authorized Polaris dealer for repair. However, this notice is to inform you that Polaris has revised and expanded the recall VIN range and is now requesting that previously used potted ECMs, used on the above affected models, be replaced with new unpotted Die-Cast ECMs.




Until the current repair can be completed, consumers must disconnect the negative (black) battery cable from the battery when the unit is not in use or left unattended. Your Polaris dealer has received a Safety Bulletin, ATV-08-01, that describes the necessary repair procedure. This repair will be performed at no charge to you. It is possible your Polaris dealer has already contacted you and made arrangements regarding the replacement of your current ECM with a new Die-Cast ECM. If you have made prior arrangements to have your unit brought to a dealer for repair, no further action is required on your part, other than to disconnect the negative (black) battery cable from the battery when your vehicle is not in use or left unattended. If you have already had this repair procedure performed and your ATV is currently equipped with an unpotted Die-Cast ECM, please disregard this notice as no further repair is necessary.


This notice was mailed to you according to our most current registration information. While your Polaris ATV dealer is in the best position to answer your questions, if you have any questions your dealer cannot address, you may call our Customer Service Department at 1-888-704-5290. If you need assistance contacting a dealer, please call 1-888-704-5290 or visit the Polaris web site at


We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.




Laurie Rengel

Manager, Service Dealer Development & Warranty