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2025 Pro XD Full-Size Kinetic Overview


How does the cost of ownership compare to a gas-powered vehicle?
You can expect to save a significant amount during ownership with 70 percent less maintenance than a gas–powered vehicle, fewer moving parts and no gas to buy. Combine this with the confidence of a 3-year electric powertrain and 5-year battery warranty, and the Pro XD Full-Size Kinetic has a compelling cost of ownership. 


What types of batteries does it use?
Every Pro XD Full-Size Kinetic comes standard with Lithium-Ion battery technology with a 14.9kWh battery capacity.

What is the advantage of Lithium-Ion Batteries?
Lithium-Ion battery chemistry can store more energy in a smaller space (which reduces weight), requires less maintenance than a gas-powered engine, and has a significantly longer useful life than a traditional lead acid battery.

How long will the battery last?
The batteries are designed to last the life of the vehicle. Although the longevity of the batteries depends on factors that can vary widely between owners, like frequency of use and miles of use, an average ownership period should retain 90-95 percent of the original battery capacity! That means that these batteries can go thousands of miles before they may lose only a few miles of range.*

What happens if I don't use the vehicle for a few months?
The batteries will automatically go into Long Term Storage Mode after prolonged periods of inactivity to optimize the battery’s state of charge and further improve long term battery health. It is recommended to check the battery’s state of charge monthly and recharge if dropped below 30% to ensure they do not discharge below the non-recoverable state of charge.

Can I upgrade the battery on my Pro XD Full-Size Kinetic?
No, the battery is not upgradeable. 


Can I get this in a CREW?
Pro XD Full-Size Kinetic is only available in the 2-seat configuration.

Do RANGER or Pro XD accessories fit on XP Kinetic? 
Pro XD Full-Size Kinetic is compatible with many RANGER XP 1000 and Pro XD Full-Size accessories, including Pro Shield cab systems, Rhino Rack®, Pro HD winches, Lock & Ride Storage, Glacier plows and MB Quart® Audio.

New accessories include a fast-acting electric heater so riders can stay comfortable in cool weather and a 3kW on-board charging system that offers faster charging when plugged into a 240V outlet. 

To see your options, visit the Pro XD Full-Size Kinetic Accessories page

What additional accessories need to be installed for the 3kW On-Board Charger and In-Cab Heater and Defrost Kit?
Additional Required Accessories with a "Yes" below them must be installed for the kit listed in the left column. Please see your authorized Polaris Dealer for installation. 


Additional Required Accessories

Being Installed

High Voltage

Dual Charger Harness

3kW On-Board Charger

3kW On-Board Charger


In-Cab Heater and Defrost Kit


Only one High Voltage Busbar is needed on a vehicle. If you are installing multiple accessories that require the High Voltage Busbar, you only need to install one High Voltage Busbar. For aftersales accessory installation, first determine if the machine is already equipped with the High Voltage Busbar. 


Can it handle extreme temperatures?
Much like a gas-powered vehicle, the Pro XD Full-Size Kinetic is designed to operate below 0°F. In cold environments, it is recommended to keep the vehicle plugged in for either a short period before or continuously during storage to allow the vehicle to warm the batteries for high vehicle performance at initial operation.

The batteries are also designed to warm up while not being charged, but there may be reduced performance for a short period until the batteries are warm. This is not dissimilar from a typical gas-powered vehicle’s warm up characteristics.

Pro XD Full-Size Kinetic has also been rigorously tested in extreme heat. The vehicle has multiple solutions to ensure the systems remain operable in extreme conditions. In extreme cases, the vehicle may restrict performance to protect internal componentry.

Can I drive it through water?
Yes, the Pro XD Full-Size Kinetic is designed to be driven through water at a depth up to its floorboard. The batteries, electrical systems and other components are enclosed for protection against water, dust and debris. It can also be washed and cleaned following the same guidelines published in Polaris Owner’s Manuals.


How can I charge the Pro XD Full-Size Kinetic? What are the charge times?
Pro XD Full-Size Kinetic comes standard with a combined Level 1/Level 2 mobile EV charge cord that can be plugged directly into any 120V or 240V outlet.

For faster charge times, a 240V outlet is required. It can greatly reduce charge times and get you back to work sooner. Our partnership with Qmeritsm has made the upgrade easier than ever. Some state and local entities offer publicly available incentives for charging infrastructure upgrades.

14.9kWh, est. 45-mile range approximate 0-100% charge times**

  • 10 hours with standard 3kW on-board charging and 120V outlet
  • 5 hours with standard 3kW on-board charging and 240V outlet
  • 10 hours with available +3kW (6kW total) on-board charging upgrade and 120V outlet
  • 3 hours with available +3kW (6kW total) on-board charging upgrade and 240V outlet

What are my charging options while I'm on the go?
The vehicle can be plugged into any 120V or 240V power outlet.

Can I charge it with solar panels? 
The vehicle cannot be directly charged by solar panels. However, if you power your area with solar, you can charge your vehicle using that solar system. 

Does the vehicle come standard with charging equipment?
Pro XD Full-Size Kinetic is equipped to charge straight from the factory. All you need is an outlet. It ships with a combined Level 1/Level 2 EV mobile charge cord (EVSE) that allows you to charge from any 120V or 240V outlet.

Can I upgrade my charger?
Factory-installed on-board charging rate is 3kW. It can reach full charge from 0% in as-fast-as 5 hours as-equipped, with a 240V outlet. With the available accessory on-board charging system, rates can be boosted to 6kW for up to 4x faster charge times with 240V outlets.

Do I need a 240V electrical system?
No, a 240V outlet it is not required. However, a 240V outlet is recommended for the fastest possible charging. 240V can offer up to 4x faster charging on Pro XD Full-Size Kinetic.

How can I get 240V installed?
For those customers looking to set up a 240V solution, we’ve partnered with Qmeritsm, experts in EV home charging solutions, to make installation quick and convenient. Visit to learn more or visit to get started on a free online estimate.

Is there a benefit to the 3kW onboard charging upgrade if using a 120V outlet?
To achieve faster charging times with the 3kW onboard charging upgrade, you must plug into a 240V outlet.

Who is Qmeritsm, and How Does it Work?
Qmeritsm makes Level 2 (240V) charging installation simple and convenient. Across North America, Qmerit's EV charger installation services deliver the highest levels of safety and quality at competitive pricing. It starts with a free online estimate and for most home configurations, all you need to do is give some information about the home's layout and electrical panel.

The free estimate will take only 5-10 minutes and you can decide whether to move forward at your convenience. Visit to learn more or visit to get started on a free online estimate.

Is there a maximum time I can have Pro XD Full-Size Kinetic plugged in without damaging the battery?
Similar to a smartphone, there is an automatic system that will not allow the vehicle to be overcharged. It is recommended to keep the batteries on the charger in certain circumstances like extreme cold or during extended periods of storage.

How long is the charge cord that comes with the vehicle?
A 20-foot charge cord comes standard with Pro XD Full-Size Kinetic.

Can I use an extension cord to charge my vehicle? 
No. Never use an extension cord, power strip, plug adapter, surge protector or similar devices to charge your vehicle. 

Will my car EV charge cord work with Pro XD Full-Size Kinetic?
Yes, most modern EV vehicles in the United States come with a built in J-1772 style plug. The Pro XD Full-Size Kinetic can be charged from automotive EV charge stations with that style plug.

Do I already have the right outlet in my garage?
Many homes and garages already have a 240V 14-50 style outlet for appliances like dryers and ovens. If you have this outlet, you can use it for Level 2 charging. If you do not have this outlet, contact Qmeritsm or a licensed electrician to install the proper outlet. 

What is the recommended circuit breaker and outlet?
Polaris recommends a 50A - GFCI circuit breaker and a NEMA 14-50 outlet. 


What is the warranty on XP Kinetic?
XP Kinetic is backed by a 1-year total coverage warranty, 3-year electric powertrain warranty and 5-year battery coverage.


How much maintenance is required for a Pro XD Full-Size Kinetic?
Without internal combustion engine systems and CVT systems, there is no need for replacing oil, spark plugs, air filters, clutches, belts or fuel systems, reducing the cost of maintenance. Periodic maintenance and inspections are needed for the remainder of the vehicle parts and systems—the gearbox, differentials, suspension, and brakes—for example.

Can my Polaris dealership work on EVs?
Yes, every certified Polaris dealership will have the capability to service your Pro XD Full-Size Kinetic. We will work closely with the dealers to facilitate proper training for their technicians to service the vehicle.

Are parts different than other Polaris Pro XDs?
The Pro XD Full-Size Kinetic shares many of its parts with other Polaris vehicles.


How much power does it produce?
Pro XD Full-Size Kinetic produces an industry-leading 110 horsepower and 140 lb-ft of torque.

Is the 4WD system on an electric SxS the same as a gas-powered SxS?
Yes, the Pro XD Full-Size Kinetic features Polaris’ on-demand AWD system.

Can it haul more?
Pro XD Full-Size Kinetic can easily tow 2,500 lbs, just like the XP 1000. However, it can carry an industry-leading 1,250lbs in the rear cargo box—25% more than any other side-by-side, so you can finish the job in fewer trips and drive efficiently around the property.

Can you plow snow with it? 
Yes, you can plow snow with a Pro XD Full-Size Kinetic with the proper accessories. 

*Range estimates based on manufacturer data on typical customer driving usage and conditions. Actual range varies based on conditions such as external environment, weather, speed, cargo loads, rates of acceleration, vehicle maintenance, and vehicle usage. These range estimates are based off an operator driving a vehicle from 100% state of charge at 25mph on flat ground in moderate temperatures. Range varies on several factors, including weather, cargo loads, terrain conditions, driving habits, and battery state of charge.

**Charge times are estimates based on manufacturer generated simulations. Charging time decreases as battery reaches full capacity. Results may vary based on wall outlet amperage, EVSE, vehicle chargers, outside temperature and battery state of charge.

 MB Quart® is a registered trademark of Maxxsonics USA Inc.
Rhino-Rack® is a registered trademark of Rhino Rack Australia Pty Limited     
Qmeritsm is a service trademark of Qmerit Electrification LLC

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