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Exciting Growth: Pro Armor Expands into the Snow Accessory Market

The snow accessory market just got a little cooler – and back country riders, in particular, are stoked. Pro Armor, a leader in aftermarket powersport products, is part of Polaris’ PG&A and powersports aftermarket portfolio that designs and manufactures everything riders need to fully customize their off-road vehicles from top to bottom. And now, Pro Armor is carving a new path in the winter-riding market by gearing up to enhance riders’ adventures with custom, purpose-built style and performance accessories to help make every ride truly one-of-a-kind.


Why did Pro Armor choose to jump into snow and backcountry first? Because of the epic adventures, of course. Backcountry snow riders are known for their unique style, colorful personalities and performance-driven attitudes. Pro Armor’s goal is to help make riders’ vehicles an extension of who they are and help them write the next story in their adventures.


“Pro Armor has been delivering accessory solutions to riders for over 20 years, first to quad riders, more recently to side-by-side riders, and now to backcountry snow riders as well,” said Andy Kroll, President of Pro Armor and former Brand Manager for Polaris snowmobiles. “Helping riders elevate their style and performance is in our DNA, and we’re excited to bring this passion to the snow community.”


The product portfolio will launch for the 2022-2023 snow season and will initially be geared towards the mountain rider segment of the market. Passionate mountain riders exude confidence without hesitation, a function of rider ability combined with sled performance; this is the same rider mindset as the side-by-side rider that Pro Armor has successfully supported for decades.


Top snowmobile athletes in the sport have signed on to help Pro Armor set the first tracks as they expand into the snow market, including Chris Burandt, Dan Adams, Bret Rasmussen and Matt Entz. As they adventure off in search of the legendary hero snow found in the backcountry, the group will help provide the highest levels of testing and validation of Pro Armor Snow accessories.


Head over to Pro Armor to learn more about the accessories offered and stay tuned to hear about the exciting adventures of the athletes as they take Pro Armor deep into the backcountry snow.