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Jeffrey Masse


State: Massachusetts

Snowmobile: 850 Indy XCR 136

Favorite Place to Ride: Vermont and Maine

Jeff’s passion for snowmobiling began years ago when he moved to a rural town that has a network of snowmobile trails, and he purchased his first sled to give it a try. He was instantly hooked and has had a desire to seek new places and take part in new adventures ever since! Jeff has ridden most of the snowmobiling regions throughout the entire northeast and much of Quebec. Nowadays, Jeff mostly finds himself enjoying the technical trails in Vermont, or getting big mileage days on the faster paced trails in Maine. He likes studying maps and has both of these states' trail systems memorized very well. Jeff has always taken pride in being the group leader on trips and says the Group Ride feature on the new Polaris Ride Command gauge offers him a newfound level of confidence when leading the pack!


Jeff has also developed a true passion for technical riding gear which landed Jeff his first ambassadorship within the industry in 2016. Since then, Jeff has traveled to many fall snow shows throughout the Northeast and Midwest. He enjoys meeting many snowmobiling enthusiasts and helping them select the type of riding gear that is best suited for their own personal riding style.