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Polaris Protection Plan Overview

The Polaris Protection Plan is an extended service agreement that extends the factory warranty on all new vehicle sales except High Lifter Edition models. Protection plans must be purchased within the vehicle's Factory Warranty period. You can purchase a plan from any participating dealer or direct from Polaris with an invitation number. A Polaris Protection Plan covers major components on the vehicle and offers protection against major mechanical breakdowns.

Pricing and coverage vary by vehicle, consult with your Dealer for individual pricing, term length and coverage options. 

Plan Benefits
Polaris Factory Service: Factory trained service and Polaris Engineered Parts at all 1,500+ Polaris Dealers in North America. 

No Stress: Hassle free claims process directly through Polaris to ensure you're back riding as soon as possible. Covered repairs become Polaris' problem, not your unexpected expense.

Flexible Term Options: Choose from a variety of term options to extend your original manufacturer's warranty up to five years. Plus, with our FlexPay installment plan you can make your purchase even easier with four monthly payments. Choose the best plan for you and your needs. Price varies by model and term length. See your dealer or visit for your personal quote.

Additional Benefits: Enjoy additional benefits like pickup/towing service and vehicle rental. Additional benefits begin at the time of purchase.

Transferable: Increase your resale value with unlimited transfers on your Polaris coverage for the life of the plan. 

Pickup Service and Vehicle Rental: Polaris will cover the pickup and delivery expense up to $50 to the nearest Polaris repair facility. Couple that with our vehicle rental discount, and you're riding again in no time!

Coverage on all motorized Polaris Engineered Accessories: Polaris Protection offers complete protection for your machine, including all Polaris Engineered motorized accessories. Ride with confidence, Polaris has you covered.

Trip Interruptions: For Trip Interruption services for customers who purchased prior to Jan. 1, 2019, please have your vehicle information ready and call Nation Safe Driver toll free at 888-684-9327. For customers who purchased after Jan. 1, 2019, please click here to download the Trip Interruption claim form and follow the instructions on the form.

The following is a visualization of coverage based on a six-month factory warranty. Not all Polaris vehicles have a six-month warranty. Please check with your dealer or for your machine's coverage options.

warranty options

What's Covered?
More than 1,500 parts. A Polaris Protection Plan covers all mechanical and electrical failures excluding wear items (batteries, belts, wheel bearings, etc.), abused units (mud or swamped machines), neglected units or cosmetic damages.

Consult the Terms and Conditions of the Polaris Protection Plan for more information. The Polaris Protection Plan covers the repair or replacement of factory-installed mechanical and electrical parts in the event of a covered mechanical breakdown.

Any modifications or alterations made to the unit that go beyond any factory installed Polaris Parts, or any part that would contribute to the mechanical or electrical failure of covered parts per your contract, are not covered under the extended service contract. 

Coverage can be requested through any Polaris Dealer.

High Lifter Edition models are not eligible for a Polaris Protection Plan.

How Do I Purchase a Plan?
1. Dealer Purchase: You have the option to purchase a Polaris Protection Plan from a Polaris Dealer while your vehicle is inside the factory or promotional warranty period.        

2. Online: If you receive an enrollment form and invitation number, you can purchase a Polaris Protection Plan at Search for available plans using your invitation number or Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and purchase the plan using your credit card. You will have the option to pay for the plan in full or FlexPay (four monthly payments).

3. Phone: If you receive an enrollment form and invitation number, you can purchase a Polaris Protection Plan by calling direct and placing the order over the phone at 877-472-1372. An agent will search for available plans on using your invitation number or VIN and you will be billed on your preferred credit card. You will have the option to pay for the plan in full or FlexPay (four monthly payments). 

4. By Mail: If you receive an enrollment form and invitation number in the mail, mail in your enrollment form along with a check, money order or pay by credit card. 

Polaris Protection Agreement Declaration Page/Contract Paperwork
You will receive a Polaris Protection Agreement at the time of purchase if purchased from a dealer, or in the mail in approximately 4 to 6 weeks if purchased online, over the phone or by mail. An example of the declaration page can be found on under Terms and Conditions. You do not need to sign or return the contract; we recommend you keep a copy for your records. 

Promotional Polaris Protection Plans
Products purchased from Polaris will at times be offered with a Protection Plan as a promotional or special offer. If you have questions about a promotional or special offer Protection Plan, your local or selling dealer is the best resource for questions. If you would like to extend a promotional or special offer Protection Plan, this can be done inside the Factory Warranty period at your local or selling dealer. 

Is My Plan Transferrable?
The Polaris Protection Plan contract is transferable unlimited times throughout its life. Polaris Protection Plans are transferable to the next purchaser of the vehicle while the agreement is valid, but the plan is not transferable to a different vehicle.

Contact your Polaris Dealer to transfer a Protection Plan. Polaris recommends contacting the original selling dealer if possible.

A Protection Plan must be transferred within 30 days of the change of vehicle ownership. You must provide all required maintenance receipts and/or a properly completed maintenance log to the buyer at the time of transfer.

For specific questions on transferring a contract, contact your local Polaris Dealer or call 877-472-1372. To find a Polaris Dealer near you, use the Dealer Locator.

Can I Cancel My Plan?
Polaris Protection Plans can be canceled at any time. Refunding amounts and methods will vary by state, length of time the Protection Plan has been active and if a claim has been filed. There is a $25 cancellation fee. For general questions on refund amounts, please refer to the "Cancellation of Your Agreement" section of your contract, or contact us at 877-472-1372

If you purchased your Protection Plan from a dealer, please contact your dealer to cancel your plan. 

The plan will be canceled and a refund will be issued in 7 to 10 days. If you paid by credit card, you will have the credit issued to the original card. If you paid by check, you will have a check issued to you.

If your next scheduled FlexPay is within 10 days of this cancellation request, due to FlexPay processing time and cancellation processing time, we recommend the contract be canceled after your next payment. We can process the cancellation request but cannot guarantee the next payment will not be processed. 

Cancellation Due to Non-Payment: Polaris Protection Plans can also be canceled for non-payment. If there is an issue with FlexPay payment, we will contact you by email and request you contact Consumer Service to update your credit card information. If you contact Consumer Service and update your credit card information, your profile will be updated and the following FlexPay payments will be billed as normal, but if you don't update your credit card information, the plan will be canceled for non-payment. If a plan is canceled for non-payment, you will be refunded the unearned amount of the plan. 

What If I Have Questions?
For any Polaris Protection Plan questions you can:

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