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Achats par véhicule
Achats par véhicule
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RZR Bearings

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Polaris Engineered bearings are designed specifically for your vehicle and keep your machine running smoothly even with excessive dirt, debris and high temperatures.

What types of bearings are available for RZR side by side vehicles? 

We offer a wide range of bearings designed for various off-road vehicles, including ATVs, UTVs, and Side-by-Sides. Our selection includes ball bearings, balance shaft bearings, and wheel bearings, all engineered to withstand the rigors of off-road use.

What benefits do Polaris RZR side by side bearings provide?

Bearings such as the Polaris HD Wheel Bearings feature an improved triple layered seal that holds up to off road rides in mud, water, or sand. Our Polaris engineered service parts are designed and tested to handle greater wear and tear under all weather conditions, keeping your vehicle running better and longer than ever.

How often should I replace my RZR side by side vehicle bearings?

The frequency of bearing replacement can vary based on usage and riding conditions. It’s recommended to check your vehicle periodically for wear and tear and replace it as needed to maintain peak vehicle performance. Consult your instruction manual or a mechanic for advice on when to replace parts on your vehicle.

Where can I purchase bearings for my RZR Sport side by side Vehicle?

You can explore and purchase RZR ball bearings and other RZR side by side vehicle parts directly from our official website. When you use the shop by vehicle function at the top, the search is automatically tailored for products guaranteed to fit your vehicle. Additionally, authorized Polaris dealers near you carry a selection of accessories and apparel.