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Using Near-Field Communication

Some model year 2022 and newer Polaris vehicles come equipped with a near-field communication (NFC) chip. The NFC chip is embedded in the Polaris emblem located at the front of the vehicle. Vehicles with the old-style oval Polaris emblem are not equipped with this functionality. 

New NFC Emblem vs Old Oval Emblem

This technology seamlessly connects you to a digital platform of vehicle information and tools. See your dealer for more information.

NFC chip reader

Note that not all mobile devices are equipped with an NFC reader. Additionally, some devices require third-party applications to access NFC content. For questions regarding the NFC reader on your device, refer to your device manufacturer or user manual. 

On models equipped with NFC, place your smartphone's NFC reader directly over the Polaris emblem to do the following: 

  • View vehicle-specific information 
  • Access your Polaris Garage 
  • Download and view the Owner's Manual
  • View accessory instructions 
  • Watch how-to videos
  • Access warranty information 
  • Check for service notifications

Additional NFC features are available when using the Polaris App. 

To access these features, do the following: 

1. Download the Polaris App from the App Store® for iPhone® and iPad® or on Google Play®.

2. Create or log in to an existing account. 

3. From the home screen, select Add Vehicle. 

4. On the vehicle, tap the NFC-enabled badge with the phone to scan the vehicle. 

5. Confirm information, name your vehicle, and tap ADD TO GARAGE.

System Requirements
iPhone® 6 Plus and later phones are equipped with NFC technology. Android® devices running on the Android® 4.0 and later operating system are equipped with NFC technology. 

Refer to your device manufacturer’s instructions to verify NFC read capability, and/or NFC-capable add-ons.

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