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Using Plow Mode in RIDE COMMAND

Plow Mode is an automated plow control system available on model year 2020 and newer Polaris RANGER XP 1000 vehicles equipped with factory installed winch and RIDE COMMAND systems. Winches must include autostop. Plow Mode works with both steel and poly plow blades.

How to Enable Plow Mode
Tap the Polaris logo on the top of the screen. This will bring down a pull-down menu. Next, click ALL SETTINGS. 

Settings Tab

On your display, select the VEHICLE button in the bottom left corner. Next, select PLOW CONTROL. 


On the PLOW CONTROL screen, make sure PLOW INSTALLED is set to YES. The AUTO PLOW MODE LOWERING TIME default setting is 2 seconds. You can adjust this in 0.2-second increments. More time allows the plow to lower more, and less time allows the plow to lower less for plowing on uneven surfaces, soft surfaces, grass and gravel. 


How to Use Plow Mode
Exit the Settings menu and tap the switch screens icon on the bottom and select the PLOW screen. 

Switch Screens

Manual Mode
The Manual Plow Mode Screen allows you to use the display powered by RIDE COMMAND to raise and lower the plow. Press the up or down arrows and slide them to the left to raise or lower the plow. 

Manual Mode

Auto Mode
The vehicle must be in PARK to initiate Auto Mode. To lower the plow, shift into low gear. The plow will lower for the time you set previously. To raise the plow, shift into reverse.

Auto Mode

The display will display the backup camera when the vehicle is in reverse. 

Backup Camera

Notice: Plowing in high gear is not recommended under any circumstances and poses a risk to your vehicle's driveline due to the additional stress that plows put on the vehicle and belt. 

If you shift into high gear, the screen will alert you that plowing in high gear is not recommended. Tap ACKNOWLEDGE to override and plow in high gear. 

You can exit Plow Mode at any time by tapping the red STOP button while in Auto Plow Mode. 

Back Drag Mode
Back Drag Mode can be used to pull snow away from walls or to get into tighter places when plowing. The controls for Back Drag Mode while in Auto are switched. To raise the plow, shift into low gear. To lower the plow, shift into reverse. Back Drag Mode cannot be initiated while the vehicle is in low or reverse. 

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