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Winch Installation on Sportsman XP 1000

The installation of a Polaris PRO HD Winch with Rapid Rope Recovery on your Sportsman XP 1000 includes the following steps:

  • Preparation (:35)
  • Opening the front rack and removing the front storage tray (:43)
  • Disconnecting the battery (1:10)
  • Removing the lower bumper cover and front bumper cover (2:10)
  • Removing the winch cover (3:20)
  • Checking the routing and connections (4:10)
  • Installation of the winch assembly (4:50)
  • Routing winch cables to the battery (7:25)
  • Locating the main harness winch contactor connector (7:45)
  • Connecting the control box (9:00)
  • Routing wires to the battery (9:50)
  • Mounting the control box (10:40)
  • Mounting the wireless remote receiver (10:50)
  • Routing and connecting wires to the battery (11:25)
  • Securing wires to the main harness (12:20)
  • Installation of the handlebar switch (13:30)
  • Connecting the handlebar switch to the vehicle main wire harness (15:00)
  • Mounting the wireless remote (15:20)
  • Reinstallation of the front bumper cover (15:58)
  • Connecting the wiring (16:58)
  • Reinstallation of the front storage tray and closing the front rack (20:36)
  • Testing wireless remote and winch operation (20:55)

View the entire line of Polaris winches or see your Polaris Dealer for more information. To find a dealer near you, use the Dealer Locator.
The Polaris PRO HD 3,500-Pound Winch with Rapid Rope Recovery is part number 2889471.
View the instructions for this kit by searching the Polaris Accessory Installation Instruction Site.

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