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Lone ATV being ridden on a rocky trail through the mountains
Guides d’achat August 18, 2022

The Complete Guide to Buying an ATV/4 Wheeler

Guide d’achat de VTT

Lorsqu’il s’agit d’acheter un VTT ou un quatre-roues adapté à vos besoins, il y a plusieurs facteurs à prendre en compte. De la tarification, des options de financement, des paiements mensuels, de la marque, du modèle et de l’utilisation – ce guide d’achat vous donnera les outils nécessaires pour prendre une décision d’achat plus éclairée. En tant que leader mondial reconnu dans le domaine des véhicules tout-terrain, Polaris est là pour vous aider à trouver le VTT ou le quad qui vous convient le mieux.

Un quad peut offrir les mêmes sensations, aventures et capacités qu’un côte à côte, et pour beaucoup, c’est le véhicule idéal pour entrer dans le monde du tout-terrain. Ce guide vous aidera non seulement à trouver le bon VTT, mais aussi à prendre une décision plus éclairée sur les accessoires, les roues et les pneus de VTT. Enfin, nous avons défini des lignes directrices de base pour les prix des VTT/quads, y compris l’avantage de paiements mensuels abordables. Maintenant, trouvons votre prochain véhicule tout-terrain.

What is a 4 Wheeler or ATV?

The four wheeler was born not long after the three wheeler or ATC disappeared. Featuring four, low pressure all-terrain tires, high-ground clearance and a robust suspension to tackle rugged terrain, the ATV/4 wheeler has become one of the most popular off-road vehicles in the world. Most tout four-wheel drive capability, which allows an ATV or four wheeler to travel over rough ground, drive through deep mud and water, and climb rocky hillsides with relative ease. They are also very adept at hauling and towing large loads over difficult terrain. In short, the ATV is just that, an all-terrain vehicle that can work hard, play hard and can open up a new world of off-road adventure.

Equally appealing are the varied ways an ATV can be used. They include:

This incredible versatility is what made the ATV one of the most popular off-road vehicles in the world. Yet, it’s the recreational side that attracts so many to the four wheeler market. Popular ATV’s like the Polaris Sportsman offer a level of performance, utility, versatility and affordability that makes it ideal for hundreds of tasks and trail riding adventures. Throughout North America there are thousands of miles of trails where you can experience the off-road freedom only an ATV can deliver.

When ridden properly and after taking an ATV or 4 wheeler riding course, these vehicles can be enjoyed by riders of varying skill levels. So, which one is right for you?

Man unloading bags of mulch from a Polaris Sportsman
Man unloading bags of mulch from a Polaris Sportsman

What are the different types of ATVs/4 Wheelers?

It’s important to note when it comes to buying an ATV there are many different models to choose from, but most can be divided into a few key categories or types of quads.

  • Sport ATV – Models like the Polaris Scrambler 850 and Scrambler XP 1000 perfectly represent the sport performance quad with race-proven power, suspension and handling.
  • Recreation/Utility ATV – From small jobs to big tasks, or any kind of adventurous trail-riding, camping, mudding or hunting, Rec/Utility ATVs offer a wide range of versatility
  • Youth ATV – Sized right for age and ability, there are several youth model ATVs to choose from, each designed with safety features and to introduce the off-road experience to the next generation.

Along with individual designs and features, most ATVs or four wheelers offer a broad range of power options. How much power you want or need is dependent upon how you want to use the ATV, what kind of rider you are, your experience level and how much you want to spend. While youth 4 wheelers are powered to match the age and skill level of the rider, full-size models are available in a wide range of power offerings. If hauling or towing big loads is on your to do list, or if you’re an experienced rider who craves peak performance, a higher displacement and higher horsepower ATV or four wheeler is likely your best option. For other buyers who are more concerned about price or rideability for a wide swath of skill sets, a smaller displacement ATV, like the incredibly popular Polaris Sportsman 570, is probably the right choice.

Riders on Polaris Sportsman models riding a trail
Riders on Polaris Sportsman models riding a trail

VTT récréatifs et utilitaires

Utility or Rec/Utility ATVs are, as the name implies, designed for versatility and are geared towards a work first, play later usage.

Key features include:

  • Racks and Storage
  • Integrated Hitches for Towing
  • Independent Rear Suspension for All-Day Comfort
  • High Ground Clearance
  • Electronic Power Steering (Optional)

Utility quads are arguably the most popular ATV in the industry. In some ways, nearly every ATV available in the market today is designed to deliver some degree of utility, yet these four wheelers are engineered to do more work and still deliver a great trail ride when the job is done.

Polaris has all the bases covered in this category starting with the Sportsman 450 HO and Sportsman 570. Both offering incredible value and feature legendary ride and handling, reliable and efficient electronic fuel injection and the industry’s quickest-engaging all-wheel drive system. The popularity of Sportsman is especially evident with the Sportsman 570 - the best-selling automatic 4 wheeler of all time.

For those who want more by every measure, nothing compares to the Sportsman 850 and Sportsman XP 1000. Delivering the hardest working, smoothest riding performance with a rider active design, this duo delivers unstoppable power and capability.

VTT sport

These are performance first machines built to deliver key performance attributes:

  • Speed and Acceleration
  • Precise Handling
  • Premium Suspension Performance

Sport quads range from four-wheel drive models designed for trail performance to rear-wheel drive models geared towards racing on motocross tracks or in wide open deserts. This class once only contained pure-race type ATVs with clutches and manual shift transmissions. But as the ATV category grew, so too did the sport quad class to now include four-wheel drive trail models with automatic transmissions.

When it comes to all out performance in a Sport ATV, nothing compares to the Polaris Scrambler XP 1000S. With a wider stance than a “traditional” sport quad with more suspension travel, greater ground clearance and a tough as nails design, it delivers unprecedented stability and performance in the most challenging terrain.

Rider on a Polaris Scrambler XP 1000 S kicking up dust on a trail
Rider on a Polaris Scrambler XP 1000 S kicking up dust on a trail

VTT pour la chasse

Within the utility category there are several sub categories, but one that often receives special attention is hunting. Hunting quads often start life as a utility ATV and are then specialized with unique accessories, features and colors to deliver improved hunt category performance.

Some key hunting options and accessories include the following:

  • Premium Camo paint
  • Gun Scabbard
  • Heavy Duty Winch
  • Hand and Thumb Warmers
  • Rack Extenders and Bumpers

VTT pour jeunes

The final category is youth ATVs. Offered in various sizes and power options for specific age groups, youth quads are a fun way to get children and young riders into the sport with a sized right approach.

A great example of this sized-right and powered-right approach can be found in the Polaris youth ATV line-up. The Outlaw 70 is designed for riders 6 and up and is packed with safety-features. Both the Outlaw 110 and Sportsman 110 are perfectly-suited for riders 10 and older. For more experienced youth riders, the Phoenix 200 and its 196cc engine delivers performance and safety features for riders 14 and older.

Rider using a sprayer accessory mounted to the rear rack of a Polaris Sportsman
Rider using a sprayer accessory mounted to the rear rack of a Polaris Sportsman

How Much is an ATV/Four Wheeler?

Il peut être extrêmement difficile de s’orienter sur les prix du marché de l’occasion lors de l’achat d’un VTT, mais le prix doit refléter directement ce qui suit :

  • État du véhicule
  • Année du modèle et kilométrage/heures
  • Caractéristiques et accessoires
  • Emplacement

En fin de compte, le marché de l’occasion dépend de ce que le marché actuel supportera. Toutefois, nous savons avec plus de certitude combien coûtera un nouveau VTT ou un nouveau quatre-roues en examinant le prix de détail suggéré par le fabricant (PDSF). Lorsque l’on regarde la situation dans son ensemble, les VTT pleine grandeur se situent généralement entre 6 000 et 16 000 dollars américains. Certains des VTT utilitaires les plus populaires, les plus vendus et toujours très performants peuvent être trouvés pour moins de 7 000 dollars.

Le financement d’un nouveau quatre-roues est une autre option à envisager. Les fabricants offrant de faibles taux d’intérêt et d’autres incitations, vous trouverez peut-être que le financement est une option plus abordable à envisager. Le financement ne rend pas seulement l’expérience de la propriété abordable pour un plus grand nombre de personnes, il vous donne la possibilité de profiter d’un VTT plus puissant et plus riche en fonctionnalités.

Types d’accessoires pour VTT

Just as important as the ATV or 4 wheeler itself are the accessories you attach to truly elevate the capability, performance, convenience and looks of your ATV. The right accessories can help you specialize the capabilities and convenience of your ATV to match how you want to use the vehicle. Popular accessory categories include:

  • Racks, Extenders and Storage
  • Wheels and Tires
  • Bumpers and Brush Guards
  • Winch Kits
  • Plows
  • Lighting
  • Audio Components and Speakers
  • Windshields and Hand Guards
  • Track Kits
  • Hunt Accessories

De quel type de pneus ai-je besoin pour un VTT/quatre-roues?

Since the appearance of the first ATV or 4 wheeler, it was the unique tires which truly defined the vehicle’s capabilities. Today, those large, low pressure “balloon tires” of yesteryear have been replaced by more specialized designs. They include:

  • All-Terrain Performance
  • Desert and Loose Sand
  • Mud and Water
  • Rock Climbing
  • Snow and Ice
  • Hard Packed Trails
  • Soft Loam Trails

Most tires found on ATVs and four wheelers from the factory feature a tread pattern for good all-around performance. However, as indicated by the categories listed above, there are hundreds of specialized tires are available in various tread patterns and sizes to enhance the performance and traction for various types of terrain. Serving as the vital contact patch between the ground and your ATV, having the right tire can truly define your ATV’s all-terrain capability.

Close up of Polaris Sportsman wheels
Close up of Polaris Sportsman wheels

In short, when it comes to buying an ATV, do your homework. Determine what type of ATV model is right for how you plan to ride. From trail riding to general utility to hunting and so much more, the world of quads and four-wheelers is incredibly diverse. Now that this ATV buying guide took you a few steps closer to finding the vehicle right for you, let Polaris help you find the exact ATV vehicle you need for your purposes.

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