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2022+ RZR Pro R Winch Installation

This article will explain how to install the Polaris Pro HD 4500 Lb Winch, part number 2884341

Required Tools and Supplies

  • T25 TORX® Socket
  • T30 TORX® Socket
  • T40 TORX® Socket
  • 10mm Socket
  • 15mm Socket
  • Ratchet
  • Torque Wrench
  • Pliers
  • Side Cutter
  • Drill
  • Safety Glasses
  • Nitrile Gloves
  • Shop Rags

To learn more about tools, read the Tools and Fasteners Guide. Always wear safety glasses when servicing your Polaris RZR.

To install the winch onto your RZR Pro R, follow these steps:

1. Park the vehicle on a flat, level surface, ensure the vehicle is in PARK and remove the key.

2. Route the driver’s seat harness out of the way to aid in seat removal.

3. Pull up on the front seat lever and pivot forward to remove the seat from the vehicle.

4. Before continuing, disconnect the negative battery cable with a 10mm socket. Reinstall the fastener and washer to prevent misplacement. 

5. Open the center dashboard storage compartment.

6. Pull the compartment up and out of the dashboard. If equipped, also push the USB harness through its mounting hole. 

7. Remove the two longer, upper fasteners on the front fascia with a T40 TORX® socket. 

8. Remove the two shorter, lower fasteners on the front fascia and carefully set the facia aside.

9. Remove the two push-pin rivets from the front fascia below the grill with a pliers. 

10. Using a 15mm socket, remove the four bumper fasteners securing the bumper assembly to the chassis. Carefully remove the bumper.

11. Align the mounting hooks on the rear of the winch assembly and insert them into the two slots on the vehicle chassis.

12. Secure the winch to the chassis using four fasteners and a 15mm socket. Torque the fasteners to 37 ft-lbs (50 Nm). 

13. Continue by installing the upper winch fastener with a T30 TORX® socket to secure the winch near the radiator.

14. Using a 10mm socket and T40 TORX® socket, remove and retain the two fasteners from the fascia bracket. Remove the bracket. 

15. Route the contactor box up along the radiator shroud and over the suspension. 

16. Secure the winch harness above the suspension using the edge clips on the harness.

17. Continue to route the contactor box up to the mounting location on the bulkhead.

18. Using a T30 TORX® socket, secure the contactor to the bulkhead by installing the two outside fasteners first and then the inside fasteners. Torque the fasteners until fully seated.

19. Route the winch harness, extending from the contactor box, though the bulkhead and under the dashboard.

20. Remove the desired cap from the pulse bar. Connect the winch harness connector to the pulse bar.

21. Install the positive cable over the positive cable nut on the pulse bar and secure with a 10mm socket and the provided nut. Torque the nut to 44 in-lbs (5 Nm) and repeat for the negative cable.

22. Reinstall the fascia bracket in front of the winch harness and secure with the retained fasteners. Torque the fasteners to 88 in-lbs (10 Nm).

23. Locate the winch socket location in the center console and push or cut the insert out.

24. Route the harness through the hole and under the dash.

25. Secure the winch remote socket to the console using two fasteners and a T25 TORX® socket. Torque the fasteners until fully seated.

26. Continue by connecting the winch socket connector to the winch remote connector.

27. Remove and retain the four winch cover fasteners on the front facia with a T40 TORX® socket. Discard the cover.

28. Align the new winch cover with the mounting holes on the fascia and secure with the four retained fasteners. Torque the fasteners to 89 in-lbs (10 Nm). 

29. Choose an area on the dashboard, clear of any parts or components, to mount the remote holder.

30. Using a drill and T25 TORX® socket, carefully drill two fasteners through the mounting holes in the holder and into the desired location on the dashboard.

31. Insert the winch rope through the front facia and align the facia.

32. Press the corners of the facia into the body panel.

33. Press the upper tab on the facia under the grille. 

34. Align the mounting holes and reinstall the upper, longer retained fasteners.

35. Continue by reinstalling the lower, shorter retained fasteners.

36. Torque the fasteners to 7 ft-lbs (10 Nm). 

37. Reconnect the negative cable to the battery and torque the fastener to 44 in-lbs (5 Nm). 

38. Turn the vehicle on and ensure proper operation of the winch.

39. Secure the winch harness along the radiator shroud with the edge clips on the harness.

40. Continue by securing any excess harness to the chassis ensuring it is clear of the suspension.

41. Secure the excess harness near the pulse bar to the bulkhead, using the edge clip on the harness. Also secure any extra harness under the dash and near the suspension.

42. If equipped, reinsert the USB harness into mounting hole in the storage compartment.

43. Slide the compartment into the dashboard cavity and press into place.

44. Reinstall the seat by aligning the front alignment tabs and pushing down on the rear to engage the rear latch.

Winch Operation
The winch can be operated using either the wired or wireless remote. The gear on the driver’s side of the winch controls the speed of the winch and also allows the winch to be free spooled.

To operate with the wired winch, plug the winch remote into the connector under the dash. Press out to spool out and in to spool in.

To operate the wireless remote, press and hold the power button to turn the key on. Press out to spool out and in to spool in.

For more information, see your authorized Polaris Dealer. Find a dealer near you with the Dealer Locator.
Maintenance tips, procedures and specifications can be found in your Owner's Manual.
To find diagrams and replacement part numbers, use the online parts catalog.

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