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How to Use Tire Sealant

Polaris Premium Tire Sealant seals punctures, rim and bead leaks, and weather cracking in tires for Polaris Off-Road Vehicles. 


Warning: Read all warning labels before use.

Tires should be properly balanced. Installation should be done near an air compressor so that the tires can be re-inflated easily. To install Polaris Premium Tire Sealant:

1. Remove the tool and tube from under the bottle cap. 

2. Position the valve stem at 7 o'clock. Using the tool you removed from the cap, remove the valve core to deflate the tire.

3. Snip off the nozzle about 1/4 inch back. Insert the nozzle into the tube. Note: DO NOT install through tire valve TPMS sensors. 

4. Place tubing over the valve stem and squeeze in the required amount of sealant. For low-speed tires (under 40 mph), the required oz. per tire = tire height (in.) x tire width (in.) / 5. See the chart below for common tire sizes and their equivalent required sealant. A full chart is available hereNote: DO NOT over apply to high-speed tires. 

5. Re-install the valve core and re-inflate the tire to the correct operating pressure. Consult your Owner's Manual for specifications.

6. If the tire has already been punctured, remove the object causing the puncture and rotate the tire immediately, allowing the sealant to reach the puncture.

7. Continued normal use of the tire will continue to pack fibers and sealing agents into the leak, creating a permanent seal.

  • Tires should be inspected periodically for removal of foreign objects. When removing an object, drive the vehicle a short distance immediately to form a permanent seal.

Common tire chart

Purchasing Tire Sealant
Polaris Premium Tire Sealant and tools are available for purchase online. Click on the part numbers below to learn more about those products or to purchase them. 

To purchase larger amounts of Polaris Premium Tire Sealant, see an authorized Polaris Dealer

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