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Setting the Clock on Your GENERAL

The clock on your GENERAL can be found in the instrument cluster or on vehicles equipped with a touchscreen display powered by RIDE COMMAND. 

Setting the Clock with the Instrument Cluster
The clock can be found in the Rider Information Center (6) portion of your Polaris GENERAL’s instrument cluster. It is located at the bottom of the screen, as shown below. Setting the clock requires the use of the MODE button (4) and the toggle buttons (5).

Instrument cluster

The clock can display in either 12-hour or 24-hour formats. It is set to a 12-hour format at the factory.


The clock will need to be reset any time the battery has been disconnected or discharged.

To set the clock:

1. Press and hold the MODE button to enter the settings menu.

2. Press either toggle button to cycle to the “CLOCK” option. Press the MODE button to select.

3. Press either toggle button to cycle to the desired setting (12 hours or 24 hours). Press the MODE button to select.

4. Press either toggle button to change each segment of the clock (hours and minutes). Press the MODE button to accept a change and advance to the next segment.

On GENERAL vehicles equipped with RIDE COMMAND, the clock is set by GPS to the time zone you currently are in. It can be displayed in a 12-hour or 24-hour format. If GPS time is turned off, it can be set manually and daylight savings time enabled or disabled.

Setting the Clock with RIDE COMMAND
On vehicles with a touchscreen display, the clock can be set via the display settings. 

1. Select the Badge Panel (Polaris icon) at the top of the screen. 


3. From here, you can set the time manually or by GPS location, select your Time Zone and change time format between a 12-hour and 14-hour clock. 

time settings

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