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Taylor Bunke

ISOC (International Series of Champions)

State: Minnesota
Race Sled: Switchback XCR

When not on the race track of working on snowmobiles, Taylor likes to be outside fishing, water skiing, hunting or mountain bike riding. Racing has always been a family sport, and he has had guidance from his dad, Gabe Bunke, and grandfather, Jerry Bunke, as well as some of the other best racers and crew the sport offers. He races for the satisfaction of knowing that for every race, the countless hours of dialing in machines and being physically ready do not go to waste and that everything being learned in the field is being applied to consumer sleds. He enjoys giving back by helping the sport continually grow for the future. He plans to continue competing in the cross country and endurance circuits and also graduate from college with an engineering degree to continue to better snowmobiles.

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