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550 Voyageur Features

Ultimate Floatation

The Voyageur is built to deliver performance wherever your snowmobiling day takes you. From accessing the power line to checking the trap line, aggressive tracks and tough, wide skis keep you on top of the snow.

PRO-RIDE Chassis

The 550 Voyageur is built on the PRO-RIDE chassis that delivers intuitive handling in a sled that is fun to ride.

144 Coil-Over Rear Suspension

The coil-over rear suspension of the 550 Voyageur 144 is designed for better flotation and deep snow performance with improved on-trail ride. By eliminating the torsion springs and redesigning the torque arms, this skid weighs substantially less.

155 Articulated Rear Suspension

The 155 rear suspension features an articulated rail for the best off-trail snowmobility and to prevent trenching when backing up. The rail tips up at the rear so that the track can ride over obstacles and is easier to back up.

Unmatched Hauling

With its hitch, rear rack, and Polaris rear suspension technology, the 550 Voyageur is a capable vehicle that maitains control and precision while on trail or in the deep snow.

Integrated Storage & Cargo Rack

The 550 Voyageur features an integrated cargo rack to haul whatever the job requires, and features a series of easily attached storage options.


The hitch is hinged low for great versatility and superior towing capability.

Proven Handling

With the perfect blend of Polaris suspension technology, the 550 Voyageur delivers the best off-trail performance with confident trail handling at any speed.

RMK Adjustable Front Suspension

Nimble yet stable, the adjustable RMK Adjustable front suspension delivers superior ride performance and handling on or off trail.

Polaris IFP

Polaris IFP shocks provide a great foundation for riding and handling when boondocking

Gripper and Pro-Float Skis

The 550 Voyageur 144 comes equiped with Gripper Skis for great traction and flotation while delivering on trail handling. The 550 Voyageur 155 is equipped with Pro-Float skis for the ultimate floatation in the deepest snow.