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SKS 146 Features

On and Off Trail Versatility

The rider-first Matryx platform features a SnoCross inspired cockpit for effortless control. The Matryx front suspension with the 146 IGX rear suspension provide superior on trail performance, with Polaris IFP shocks for consistent performance.

Snocross Inspired Cockpit

Narrower Cockpit

4.8” narrower console and 3” narrower at the knees, creates a more mobile rider experience allowing full freedom of movement for effortless control


Maximized Wind Protection & Minimal Drag

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) design tools ensure maximum wind protection and minimal drag for a warmer, more comfortable ride.


Sculpted Side Panels

Opens a new dimension of rider mobility allowing the rider to move around the sled rather than being confined by it.


Wind Protection

Improved leg and lower body comfort and protection. Enhanced windshield design for hand protection and less wind buffeting. Updated geometry for improved aerodynamics.

2.0 Crossover Track

The Polaris-exclusive 2.0 Crossover track features a straight lug design with a stiff base for trail performance, with soft and flexible lug tips for excellent deep snow traction.

  • Designed with durability as #1 priority for crossover riders
  • Fully clipped for hyfax durability
  • Stiff base lug geometry with flexible sections for on-trail hookup and off-trail lift

Polaris IFP Shocks

Polaris Internal Floating Piston (IFP) Shocks deliver both durability and high-performance. They perform reliably under the harshest conditions and also deliver a smooth ride and handling.