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Enjoying the snow with INDY VR1

INDY VR1 Features

Ferocious Acceleration

It’s light, rigid aluminum and carbon fiber chassis is designed to deliver class-leading power to weight with the proven 850 Patriot or the 650 Patriot​ Engine, and the industry-leading Patriot Boost.

Driving the INDY VR1
Engine on INDY VR1

Patriot Powered Engine Choices

The proven Patriot Engine architecture delivers outstanding durability, refined run quality, and an instant throttle response.

INDY VR1 model

Lightweight Aluminum and Carbon Fiber Chassis

Lightweight body and frame with unmatched rigidity and durability.

INDY VR1 details

Track Options

Track customization to suit riding style and terrain. Options include the Ice Ripper XT, Cobra and Storm 150 for the 650 and 850, and R-rated race spec tracks.

Effortless Control in Any Condition

Enjoying the snow with INDY VR1
INDY VR1 details

Snocross Inspired Cockpit

Narrower Cockpit
4.8” narrower console and 3” narrower at the knees, creates a more mobile rider experience allowing full freedom of movement for effortless control


Maximized Wind Protection & Minimal Drag
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) design tools ensure maximum wind protection and minimal drag for a warmer, more comfortable ride.


Sculpted Side Panels
Opens a new dimension of rider mobility allowing the rider to move around the sled rather being confined by it


Wind Protection
Improved leg and lower body comfort and protection. Enhanced windshield design for hand protection and less wind buffeting. Updated geometry for improved aerodynamics.

INDY VR1 model

Industry-Leading Polaris Race IFS​

The perfect balance of effort, precision & zero-bump- steer-stability to deliver ultimate handling and control.

INDY VR1 details

Proven Pro-CC Rear Suspension​

The PRO-CC Rear Suspension is the next generation rear suspension from Polaris and provides the industry's best acceleration, handling, and consistently smooth ride. The rear skid's coupled design controls pitch through geometry without reducing the fun factor. The front torque arm is calibrated for trail compliance without bottoming.

The Most Advanced Technology on Snow

7S Display with Ride Command Integration. Full Color, Touch Screen and GPS Display.

INDY VR1 display
INDY VR1 details

7S Ride Command Display

Plan, track, and share your ride with the industry-leading 7S Display with Ride Command Technology. The 7-inch glove touch display is purpose bulit for snowmobiles, with on board diagnostics, trail maps, points of interest, and vehicle to vehicle Group Ride technology to see your ride group with or without cell coverage.

INDY VR1 details

Industry Exclusive SmartWarmers

Build heat quickly and maintain your customized temperature regardless of the temperature outside. Enhance your ride further by setting thumb vs. hand heat range for an even more customized level of comfort.


Lights on INDY VR1

NightBlade Headlight

This headlight brings state of the art lighting technology to Polaris riders. Six projector beam optics deliver precision lighting with an engineered pattern to deliver exceptional visibility for night riding. New for 2023, the Patriot Boost INDY VR1 will feature Sinister Amber Accent lighting.