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Polaris Issues Stop Sale/Stop Ride for Some 2020-2021 RANGER 1000 models, 2020 PRO XD models, 2020-2021 Gravely models and 2020-2021 Bobcat models

Polaris has determined that some 2020-2021 RANGER 1000 models, 2020 PRO XD 2000G and 4000G models, 2020-2021 Gravely JSV3200, JSV3400 and JSV6400 models and 2020-2021 Bobcat 3400 4x4 and 3400 XL models may experience damage to the vehicle’s fuel line in the event a drive belt breaks or fails during operation. Damage to the fuel line can cause a fuel leak which may result in fire.


Number of affected vehicles: approximately 45,000 globally


Number of incidents: Polaris has received two reports of fire and one report of an incident involving a drive belt failure and a damaged fuel line. No injuries have been reported. 


Consumers should immediately stop using the impacted vehicles. To resolve this concern, Polaris has developed a bracket that attaches to the clutch outlet duct to protect the fuel line in the event a drive belt breaks or fails.


Polaris is notifying dealers and contacting affected registered owners by mail, and email if available. Polaris has reported this matter to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.


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