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Last year Polaris RANGER launched the hardest-working smooth describing side-by-side the world has ever seen. Now we're expanding the fleet, introducing the all-new RANGER Crew XP 1000. The new standard for six passenger utility. Like it's three seat brother it's packed with over 100 odor inspired improvements to make it more rugged, more refined, more RANGER.
Crew XP 1000 raises the bar on rugged no matter how you measure it. It beats the competition in power, towing, ground clearance, and suspension travel. It's got the most horsepower and torque ever found in a six passenger utility side-by-side. A stiffer one-piece chassis provides a sturdy platform to help it handle the industry's largest payload. It effortlessly tows 500 pounds more than its closest competitor and Crew XP 1000 leads the industry in both ground clearance and suspension travel.

Now, let's talk refinement, designed to maximize comfort and cargo capacity crew XP 1000 has ample room to haul 6 and all their gear. The all-new interior features an industry-leading 19 gallons of in-cab storage. When you want more room to haul large equipment inside, you can flip up both front and rear passenger seats. There's even a new under seat pass through, so you can securely stow longer gear on the floor of the cab. And, to keep your most important cargo comfortable there are thicker plusher seats front and back, and more cupholders than places to sit.

For the ultimate in refinement there's the all-new through XP 1000 Northstar Edition. It's factory installed heating and air conditioning with front and rear vents keeps everybody comfortable, while the RANGER bros shield cab system keeps dust out three times better than its closest competitor.
This is the new standard for six passenger utility. It's the hardest working smoothest riding crew machine we've ever made. Introducing the all-new RANGER Crew XP 1000. More rugged. More refined. More RANGER.