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Tony Vandermore's Polaris RANGER Waterfowl Collection

The hunt itself is way more than pulling the trigger. That's the smallest part of it for me. To make our season successful takes place in the offseason. I spend six months a year covered in sweat and diesel fuel and oil, just to make sure that the other six months a year I'm basically covered in mud and blood and feathers.


It's about the camaraderie. It's about a wet dog, good cup of coffee, the ride to the blonde. It's the whole show. It's all so important then what makes it so special to me. With all the gear it takes to waterify a hunt, I couldn't do without my RANGER.


We're going through water up to the seat. You know mud over the tires. I mean sure, you might be able to get there, but it's going to take you all day to do it whereas my RANGER is going to get me there in no time. We're going to be set up and ready to go at first light.


I'm Tony Vandermore, and this is my RANGER collection.