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Polaris Trail Talk
Riding Tips May 13, 2021

Get The Inside Angle On Everything Off-road

NEW Trail Talk YouTube Series

Check this out. There’s a whole new way to get the dirt on off-roading. It’s a new show dedicated to helping you get the most out of your side-by-side or ATV. It's called Trail Talk. A YouTube series, hosted by Evan from Polaris (and Erik behind the camera), and it covers everything an off-roader like you could ever want to do out there—and more.

How'd they do that? This is where to go find out.

Want to know how to handle everything from cornering and agility to acceleration and braking to get exactly what you want out of your machine right when you need it most? Or how about the proper angle and technique behind rock crawling? And if you're dying to know some off-road survival tips when you're 10 miles deep in the backwoods camping or overlanding—this is the show you can't miss. Keep coming back and you might even learn how to pop a plow onto the front of your Sportsman to make quick work of clearing your driveway this winter. If any of this sounds good to you, then subscribe to Trail Talk on YouTube and up your off-road IQ. We’ll definitely have some fun along the way.

What’s out there? Here’s an early episode guide.

The first episode begins with more ground-level info for anyone who just bought a side-by-side and wants to know what they can do with it. Then, over time, Evan will switch it up to show you what these machines can really do. Each episode will dig deeper into topics that will get you going out there, including tips for trail riding, how to use it hunting and even an episode on using your UTV to head out camping overnight. There’s no end to what these vehicles can do—and what you can do with them.

Trail Talk Youtube Series Logo

Available Episodes

Episode 1:

How to Use Your New SxS

Episode 2:

How to Use Your New ATV

Episode 3:

Vehicle Set Up For Your First Ride

Episode 4:

Riding Gear You Will Need

More episodes to come. Please like & subscribe

  Pro Tip

      Pro Tip

Look for Evan’s Pro Tips throughout the series. He tosses that phrase around a bit. It’s a quick cue there’s some good stuff coming.

No matter what you ride, we’ve got something for everyone.

Whether you’ve owned your RANGER for over 10 years or just bought yourself a new RZR, prefer to adventure out in a GENERAL or go solo on a Sportsman, each show will have something for everyone. Even if you’ve been riding all your life but are new here to Polaris, you’ll be able to appreciate the topics these guys tackle. Because after all, we’re all one big off-roading community.

Time to roll. Let’s get you started off right on the off-road.

So come hang out with Evan (and Erik behind the camera), listen to some shop talk and get the lowdown on the adventures of off-roading. Then keep coming back for more. We guarantee it’s going to be a blast.

But first, here’s another quick Pro Tip: If you happen to run across Evan out there, don’t call him the Trail Talk host. He likes to be thought of as just a guy who loves to be outdoors, doing cool things. See you soon.

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