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olaris Master Service Dealer (MSD) Certification

You’re Never Too Young to Learn About Your Polaris Vehicle from the Inside Out

With today’s technology and resources, customer expectations and vehicle technologies continue to evolve. The Polaris Master Service Dealer (MSD) Certification program aids dealers and technicians in the knowledge and skills necessary to do the job to keep customers happy and riding.


Growing up in her family’s dealership, R.E. Davidson & Son in Millerstown, Pennsylvania, 14-year-old Cassie Wright spent her days getting to know and love Polaris vehicles and took interest in watching the mechanics work. As a teenager Cassie now assists on the sales floor on occasion and wanted to learn more about the business and vehicles so she approached her father Loren Wright about completing the MSD Certification program — something he was currently working on himself. Shortly thereafter Cassie began the MSD Certification program alongside her dad, achieving MSD Silver Certification in the spring of 2018.


The MSD Certification program is divided into three levels — Bronze, Silver and Gold. The Bronze and Silver courses are completely online and provide knowledge on the vehicles. MSD Silver Certified technicians can participate in an online community where they can ask and answer questions on products as well as those who are Gold certified. The Gold level of the program focuses on advanced vehicle diagnostics and involves hands on, in-person training.

Polaris Master Service Dealer (MSD) Certification

As the Bronze and Silver levels are online, which provides more flexibility to complete on your own time, Cassie was able to balance the MSD courses concurrently with her classes at school and work. Listening and following along helped Cassie get through the courses and if she had any questions, she asked her dad or the technician at the dealership who was also going through the program. “I didn’t think the courses were too hard,” said Cassie. “If I had questions I asked, and I think being MSD Silver Certified will help out in the real world.”


Ultimately, the MSD Certification program enables dealers and technicians to better understand Polaris vehicles, which benefits customers and their experience. Cassie’s dad Loren sees the program assisting Cassie on the sales floor, as she is now knowledgeable and able to answer questions about equipment that would otherwise have been directed to a mechanic.


Polaris’ MSD Certification program prepares dealers to be a more informed resource for the customers. The customer can leave with a deeper understanding of their product because of the knowledge provided by dealers and technicians.


Whether or not Cassie ends up working in the family’s dealership in the future, her father sees value in going through the program.


 “No matter what, the experience of doing it is a good character builder,” said Loren. “It says something that a teenager can go through it, understand the material and leave with more knowledge. I think it will help her in life down the road.”