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The People Behind POLARIS: Employee Spotlight Series - Joey L.


Meet: Joey L.


Joey joined Polaris in 2012 and since then has held various marketing roles across the company, from website and digital development to influencer and advocacy strategy to customer growth, and her most current role as Senior Marketing Manager for Slingshot.  


Recently named to Dealer News’ Top 100 Women in Powersports, we sat down with Joey to learn a little more about her career at Polaris, the best advice she’s received and what she just can’t live without.


You were recently named Dealer News’ Top 100 Women in Powersports. Congrats! Has powersports always been a part of your life?

No, I had zero experience with powersports prior to working here. Being born and raised in Minnesota, I have always loved to be active and spend time outdoors, but hadn’t ever considered powersports until I came to Polaris and discovered what I had been missing! Within the first year, I had a motorcycle in the garage and a new love for off-roading and snowmobiling too.


You’ve had a non-linear career at Polaris, getting to work in a variety of areas at the company. Is that something you set out to do or did it just kind of happen along the way?

I’ve had a lot of leaders at Polaris believe in what I could do vs. just what my background or current role was at that moment. I didn’t necessarily set out to have this career path and that’s great, because I’ve been able to learn and experience so much more than I would have otherwise. One of the best pieces of advice I’ve received is to say yes. When you’re presented with an opportunity, no matter how new, intimidating or challenging it may seem, trust your abilities. Great leaders want to grow you and give you opportunities to shine - they wouldn’t ask if they didn’t think you would crush it. This really encapsulates my experience at Polaris. A great example is that I was just recently named to Motorcycle Industry Counsel’s board of directors – such an honor and not something I wasn't even thinking about. But when presented with the opportunity to represent Polaris on this board, I jumped at the chance!  


What’s your favorite part about working at Polaris?

My absolute favorite thing about working at Polaris is the look in the eyes of a rider after they come off of one of our products for the first time. Whether it’s a life-long rider doing their first demo on one of our vehicles or someone who’s just experienced their very first powersports ride of any kind, the smiles on their faces and excitement and freedom in their eyes is incredibly rewarding. And contagious. It’s a great reminder that what we do brings joy and fulfillment to people’s lives. If I had one piece of advice to someone getting into powersports, it would be this: Regardless of your role, it’s critical that you understand the customer. You don’t need to be a hardcore rider yourself, but without a thorough understanding of who our customers are, their motivations, needs, and behaviors, it’s impossible to deliver the products and experiences they’re looking for. 



To me, think outside can be taken both literally and figuratively. I make a conscious effort to spend plenty of time outdoors, whether for work or play. Being outside rejuvenates my mind, body and spirit. And that allows me to think and work more creatively, bringing outside-of-the-box thinking into developing new solutions and ideas. Think outside also means finding time to ride, so I can stay connected to the riding experience, our vehicles and the rider community. 


Ok. We’ve talked a lot about work. Tell me what is one thing you can’t live without?

Ok, outside of my husband and stepson, I have to say dogs. I’ll never not have a dog. They’re the best running, reading, and hiking companions around. They’re comic relief in a stressful moment, a comforting friend on a hard day, and our constant cheerleaders. I’ve even been known to practice big presentations using my dogs as an audience.


Thanks for chatting today, Joey!


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