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Vicki Gray

State: Ontario, Canada


Vicki is an entrepreneur, passionate motorcycle rider, racer, instructor and journalist, with contributions on and off motorcycles recognized the world over. Of both Canadian and Dutch nationality, she got into motorcycling over 30 years ago and has been an instructor for over 28 years bringing motorcyclists her distinctive expertise on all things motorcycling.


Vicki founded RaceGirl Motorsport® in 1998, a non-profit motorcycle training and support community head-quartered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands which partnered with her European racing activities in the Supersport 600 series. RaceGirl was the first website in history for women motorcycle riders. Its goals encouraged women, enhance skills, and focused on expanding both the female, and general riding community. Vicki evolved the brand to satisfy the entire range of riding disciplines and in 2005 created MOTORESS® for the woman motorcycle enthusiast.


In 2007 Vicki introduced International Female Ride Day® (IFRD) with the call to action of “Just Ride!” Occurring in now over 120 countries, its achievements and action by women across all cultures, have made it a global movement and an important mechanism for motorcycling and the motorsport industry.


Passionate about motorcycle safety and skill enhancement, Vicki continues to represent and advocate for motorcycling on all platforms while taking in many kilometres personally, on the road, track or dirt.