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Built to work on the toughest jobsites

Built to work on the toughest jobsites

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Tow More.
Haul More.
Seats Up To Four.

The Pro XD Full-Size leads the way for commercial UTVs, without sacrificing safety, durability, or serviceability.

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Gas or Diesel?

Take a look at the difference between the Pro XD Full-Size gas and diesel UTV models.


ProStar 1,000 cc Gas

50 / 200



15-40 mph (5 mph increments)

Parks/Rec, Municipalities, Facilities Maintenance, Events



Maintenance Intervals

Mechanical Parking Brake

Speed Adjusting

Speed Adjustments (26 mph factory setting)

Customer Focus


3-Cylinder Kubota® Diesel

50 / 200


Mechanical Spacer

15 or 26 mph

Construction, Refineries

Safety Features

With safety being top priority on the jobsite, the Pro XD delivers industry-leading standard features designed to improve jobsite safety.

Speed Limited

Diesel models have a top speed of 26 mph to meet jobsite compliance, and can be adjusted to 15 mph. Gas models are delivered at 26 mph and can be digitally adjusted from 15-40 mph.

Tight Sealing Cab

The Pro XD and cab were engineered together to create a tight seal to help keep dust and weather out.

High-Vis Seatbelts & Decals

Orange seatbelts and decals improve vehicle visibility to surrounding workers.

Standard Factory Accessories

A back-up alarm and horn come standard; diesel models also have a mechanical parking brake.

Durability Features

The Pro XD was designed with heavy-duty components to provide industry-leading durability.

Towing and Payload

Industry-leading 1,250 pounds of box capacity, up to 2,050 pounds of payload, and 2,500 pounds of towing capacity.

Industry-Recommended Power Plants

Choose between the Kubota® 24.5-Horsepower Diesel or the Polaris ProStar 1000cc engines.

Driveline Components

HD drive shafts, CVT boots, and bushings/bearings ensure the driveline will withstand the life of the vehicle.

Heavy-Duty Seats

Kevlar® backed vinyl seats resist punctures and tears from jobsite abuse.

8-Ply Non-Directional Tires

Thick 8-ply, nondirectional, same size tires are designed for longer life on hard-packed, rugged surfaces.

Heavy-Duty Poly Bed

Rust-free, dent-free bed with 1,250-pound capacity sized to fit a full-size pallet.

Serviceability Features

The Pro XD has multiple industry-leading features to improve serviceability.

Maintenance Intervals

The Pro XD Full-Size provides 200-hour certified maintenance intervals for less in-field maintenance and reduced service costs.

Relocated Oil Dipstick and Air Filter

Easily conduct maintenance checks without having to raise the cargo bed.

Warning Alarms

Fault alarms to notify users of potential issues that could cause serious damage to the vehicle. Alarms include low oil pressure, parking brake, belt slip, and engine overheat.

Front Air Intake

Air intakes in the front of the vehicle prevent dust ingestion into the system, driving longer air filter life and consistent engine performance.

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