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Pro XD Full-Size Demand Drive Maintenance

This article explains how to check and replace the demand drive (front gearcase) oil on 2020 to 2022 Pro XD 2000/4000G (Pro XD Full-Size Gas) and 2019 and newer Pro XD 2000/4000D (Pro XD Full-Size Diesel) vehicles. If your Pro XD Full-Size Gas is from 2023 or newer, reference 2023+ Pro XD Full-Size Gas Front Gearcase Fluid Replacement

Always check and change the demand drive fluid at the intervals outlined in the Periodic Maintenance Chart in your Owner's Manual. Maintain the oil level even with the bottom thread of the fill plug hole.

Demand Drive Oil Check
The front gearcase fill plug (1) is located on the right side of the front gearcase.

1. Position the vehicle on a level surface.

2. Remove the fill plug (1).

front gearcase fill plug

3. Check the oil level.

4. Add the recommended oil as needed to maintain the fluid level to the bottom thread of the fill plug hole.

5. Reinstall the fill plug. Torque to 8-10 ft-lbs (11-14 Nm). 

Demand Drive Oil Change
1. Support the vehicle securely with a jackstand.

2. Remove the front tire on the passenger's side for ease of access (optional).

3. Remove the fill plug with an 8mm Allen socket. 

4. Place a drain pan under the drain plug (2) on the bottom right-hand side. Tip: Add a shop towel to the bottom of the pan to prevent the splashing of oil.

front gearcase fill plug

5. Remove the drain plug. Drain the oil.

6. Clean and reinstall the drain plug. Torque to 11 ft-lbs (15 Nm). 

7. Add the recommended fluid to the bottom of the fill plug hole. Do not overfill. The demand drive capacity is 9.3 oz. (275 mL). The recommended fluid is Demand Drive Fluid, part number 2877922 for one quart (0.95 L).

8. Reinstall the fill plug. Torque to 8-10 ft-lbs (11-14 Nm). 

9. Check for leaks.

10. Discard used oil properly.

To purchase parts and fluid, or for maintenance assistance, contact your Commercial dealer. To find a dealer near you, use the Dealer Locator
For more maintenance procedure information, refer to your Owner's Manual
For information on tools, read the Tools and Fasteners Guide.

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