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Polaris TRAILS GRANTS Program

Supporting riders since 2006 through grants


Launched in January 2006 for off-road and snow clubs, associations and grassroots groups, this industry-first program supports you—our riders—in keeping people riding.

The Polaris TRAILS GRANTS program makes funds available to organizations in the United States and Canada to promote safe and responsible riding, support trail preservation and help protect the environment and natural resources that are a part of the off-road trail systems. Funds can be used by organizations for off-road trail development and maintenance projects, safety and education initiatives, and other projects to increase and maintain land trail access.


Applications for Spring grants must be in by March 1st, with Fall grants needing to be submitted by September 1st. Our TRAILS GRANTS committee reviews and communicates to recipents during noted month.

Grant Guidelines

Organizations can apply for either monetary or products for up to $10,000 annually, with the ability to apply for two grants per year. All organizations must be 501(c)(3), 501(c)(7) government or non-profit organizations.

If the grant is approved, a Results Report will be required as follow up to the project along with photographs that showcase before, during and after efforts. In order to be considered for a new grant, all previous grant programs must be completed with a result/progress report.

Also required is a trail file, either as a GPX or shapefile format, of your club's trail system. Polaris RIDE COMMAND and the related map information is an intrinsic part of the Snowmobile, ATV and ORV programs at Polaris.

Therefore any TRAILS GRANTS that will be used for development, maintenance or the purchase of equipment to be used for that purpose, must submit a GPX or shapefile of that trail system to before any grant funds will be made available.

Fire, Rescue and Law Enforcement Organizations

Please note: The TRAILS GRANTS program does not apply to Fire, Rescue or Law Enforcement Organizations. Please visit these pages to learn more.