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2025 INDY Adventure

Trail Performance and Adventure You Can Share

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Factory Built for Adventure

The INDY Adventure is equipped for 2-up riding for those long days racking up the miles.

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2-Up Trail Performance

Cruise the trail alone or with a passenger. When the snow starts to fly and the winter playground opens up, INDY Adventure provides the comfort and control to navigate the trail system.

Rider First Design. Effortless Control.

The INDY on the Matryx platform is a trail rider's dream. The narrow cockpit provides improved rider connection to the sled to help you move around the sled for trail precision.

Carve the Corners.

The PRO-CC is the next generation coupled rear suspension design, providing the industry's best acceleration, handling, and consistently smooth ride. The coupled design controls pitch through geometry without reducing the fun factor, with a front torque arm calibrated for trail compliance and reduced bottoming.

Engine Choices for However You Ride.

Choose from the smooth and efficient 650 Patriot with instant throttle response or the long range and easy service intervals of the ProStar S4 4-stroke engine.

Spirited Trail Handling

When we build a sled, we build it to be the best sled for every riding style - not simply a different sticker or name. Every part on the INDY Adventure is scrutinized to deliver spirited control and handling on the trails.

Effortless Control

The Matryx platform INDY features a rider-first design and over 4 decades of suspension development to create the best handling trail performance sled on snow. 

Industry-Leading Technology

Polaris sleds lead the way in technology that enhances your ride. Technology built to help you plan rides, track your group, keep your hands warm on the ride and see your way from dusk til dawn.

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