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Growing with Polaris

Get a behind-the-scenes look at how ag professionals use their Polaris off-road vehicles every day—to maximize productivity and minimize downtime. This collection of stories, articles and videos showcases how these versatile Polaris vehicles deliver capability and comfort in any extreme, providing the confidence to get the job done right the first time.

A Day in the life of a Farmer

Get an inside look at how our agriculture consumers are using their Polaris Off-Road Vehicles.

Cattle Ranch

The ranch is a tough place to work. Dependability is demanded. And Polaris vehicles are put to the test every day—hitching up load after a load of hay, hauling livestock feed to the herd, and towing heavy Ag equipment. This is where a 1,000 lb dump box and up to 2,500 lbs of raw pulling power can help. Together, with the fastest-engaging AWD, Polaris helps you tackle the toughest terrain, checking every inch of field and fence line. See these rides in action right here, with real ranchers, in real situations getting it done every day.

Two ranchers in their horses following a Polaris Ranger vehicle

Right for the Ranch

The life of a cattle rancher isn’t easy. Long hours, unpredictable weather, caring for the herd, and conserving the land are all parts of the job. Efficiency often contributes to success, though, and on this operation in Texas, two Polaris RANGERs help get the work done. Read Full Article

The RANGER makes things easier. It helps us get from one side of the ranch to the other in a hurry for chores and emergencies. It’s faster than a tractor, but also provides the cargo space we need.
Edwards, Polaris RANGER Owner

Row Crop

As days get shorter the list of things to do always gets longer. See how farmers, looking to increase their efficiency and their yield, are using the nimbleness of a 47.6” wide Sportsman and the strength of a 61HP RANGER to get the job done. They’re made to get into hard-to-reach places—fixing fence lines, hauling rock, plowing snow, spreading seed and spraying weeds. Each leveraging raw power and the industry’s fastest-engaging all-wheel drive to get from point A to point B fast—with room to haul farm equipment, tools, parts and more.

Side view of a rider on his Polaris Sportsman through the crops

The Perfect Off-Road Vehicles for a Fast-Paced Farm

On this family farm in Iowa, two Polaris RANGERs and a Sportsman 850 are essential tools for everyday operations—planting, scouting, testing, harvesting, conserving and managing. Read Full Article

From field testing to getting us from point A to B, the RANGERs and the Sportsman help us finish our jobs quicker. They are fast, easy to hop in and out of, and far more nimble than a truck or a tractor.
Blomgren, Polaris RANGER and Sportsman Owner
Polaris Ranger XP 1000 Northstar edition in front of a vineyard


Out on the vineyard, there are hundreds of acres to tackle and easy access to every vine is critical to a successful season. Check out how Polaris vehicles are used to nimbly maneuver within a vineyard’s tight rows to spray, check plant health and pick rock ahead of the harvest. Their class-leading hauling capacity and pulling power are put to test every day installing and maintaining heavy irrigation systems and trellises. The off-road vehicles are built to take on any terrain without damaging the soil and turn labor-intensive tasks into more manageable ones.

A woman next to her Polaris vehicle looking at her vineyard

Helping a Vineyard Grow

From planting to pruning, irrigating to harvesting, a lot of labor goes into growing grapes. On this family-owned operation in Texas, a Polaris RANGER is vital to the work of wine. Read Full Article

The reason we use the RANGER is because it fits between rows, unlike a truck, and is easier to navigate than a tractor.
Jones, Polaris RANGER Owner
A man standing among cattle next to his Sportsman vehicle


There’s no downtime for the dairy farmer. Even as seasons change there’s feed to move, milking schedules to maintain, grazing rotations to keep, and driveways to plow. See how the Sportsman is getting one farmer to every remote acre of land, quickly and confidently—taking the place of heavier and less fuel-efficient trucks and Ag equipment. It has the industry’s fastest-engaging four-wheel drive to cross rutted and muddy fields, 1,000 lb of towing power to haul feed, with room to stow key tools for quick fixes around the property.

Polaris Sportsman owner among a field of crops

Sportsman Gets the Dairy Work Done

The endless chores are enough to make your head spin. But it’s all a day in the life of this dairy farmer, who puts two Polaris Sportsmans to work to keep it all manageable. Read Full Article

The Sportsman’s on-demand all-wheel drive gets you out there and gets you through almost anything. It allows you to get through the mud quickly, and it won't get stuck, unlike other big farm equipment.
Van Buren, Polaris Sportsman Owner

Find the Right Polaris Off-Road Vehicle for You and your Operation

Strong, resilient, and always ready when you are, an ATV or SxS is perfectly suited for life on the farm. Both will help you do more, haul more and tow more with minimal soil compaction and plenty of comforts, making those long work days a whole lot easier.