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RANGER 20th Anniversary - David Dudley Overview

David Dudley, I'm a professional bass fisherman. I live in Lynchburg Virginia.


You know, everybody has a dream when they grow up as a kid and my dream was always to become a professional bass fisherman.


Fishing takes a lot of hard work and it's not just going out “Hey, let's just cast and we catch the fish it's fun”, you know fishing is a lot of work long hours on the water, you're always constantly thinking your mind never quits going, and if you're going to be on top you better be a hard worker.


When it comes to enjoying myself around the farm, I'd love to just hop in the RANGER and just ride the property. There's something about checking fences, working around the farm, getting wood, feeding the goats. I want to go down to fish the pond, I just hop in the Ranger drive to my pond and I'm fishing within a minute. It's a very unique piece of property I love where I live and couldn't live on this farm without the RANGER, I know that.


You know over the last 20 years Polaris has been so successful basically, because of a few points reliability and innovation. Did I mention reliability and innovation? I am extremely rough on equipment, and I know through the past years of owning Polaris that if it could survive me, it could survive anybody in the world through a lot of rough riding and farming and hunting and pleasure riding. I needed a vehicle that was going to carry me through no problems whatsoever and the moment I turn that key and it starts, I know I'm getting ready to go have fun.