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Mark Bowe's Polaris RANGER Craftsman Collection

You know working hard is not something that you can learn from a textbook. There's not an app for working hard working hard is something that you see when you grow up. It's something that you have a desire to do and to complete. We travel all over the country to find our cabins and beams and barnwood. I haven't seen a barn that I haven't liked yet. In over the past 23 years we've been able to reclaim and restore over 400 authentic 18th and 19th century log and timber Homes. There's so many things that we have to carry around on this boneyard. We've got our own set of tools chainsaws that weigh 40 pounds and we have all the sledge hammers and axes and broad axes.


Things that you can't find everyday. We have tools that only the pioneers have used before us. I need the machine that's going to work as hard as I do. Something that's going to start early in the morning and going to run all day till dark. I need a machine that can carry the weight of my everyday.


I've got a simple philosophy, it's work hard, be kind and take pride in what you do. I'm Mark Bowe, and this is my RANGER collection.